All You Need To Know About Andy

I’m a rather distracted person who loves the internet and its myriad of tools of procrastination. There is just SO MUCH to do on here! I adore both music and films and take any chance to see a film or hear new music. I love to write and although I’ve cut down the number of posts since my year in France, I still love writing on here. Not that my brain normally overflows with anything brilliantly useful or indeed clever, it merely brims over with stuff rather like a bin in a house with too much stuff to throw away. In addition to this here blog of mine I tweet obsessively.

For those of you wondering about all the France references, in addition to studying French, I also spent my third year of university in France. I lived in the north east of France right near the German, Belgian and Luxembourgian borders (yes that is a word) very near to the city of Metz in a little nothing town called Rombas. I spent my time there teaching in a school for twelve hours each week and the rest of my waking hours with my fantastically awesome new friends drinking lots of excellent wine and gin and getting kicked in the shins (twice) by exceedingly odd Germans.

Having finished my fourth and final year at the University of Liverpool studying French (don’t ask why I studied that, I’m not quite sure myself). I started a proper, full time, wear a suit every day job and felt a little too grown up and quite disorientated. Leaving that job, I spent six months being a bum of the state until I finally landed a job back in The University of Liverpool sitting at a computer all day. Perfect.



One thought on “All You Need To Know About Andy

  1. hahaha….this is very nice memoir choir whateveoir that u have written….its really a nice style of writing….Quite amusing and nice…Great!

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