Winnie The Psychiatrist

817571winnie-the-pooh-group-rainbow-posters1 How parents answer questions about how people are different fundamentally defines how children grow up to see other people who might be a little odd. Even more interesting is how parents explain mental illnesses to children – how do you explain that a person is generally fine physically yet not so fine in their head? Little did you know that there are handy visual aids which, while they may not have been expressly created for such a purpose, lend themselves quite well to presenting mental various mental disorders in a very child-accessible way. Allow me to blow apart your childhood with the following sentence: the characters in Winnie the Pooh are all representative of mental conditions.

Eeyore has depression, Tigger has ADHD and is possibly bipolar, Rabbit has a particularly violent form of OCD, Piglet has anxiety issues, Pooh has an eating disorder, and Owl is a die hard narcissist. Yet by far the most disturbing of them all is Christopher Robin who seems to be a paranoid schizophrenic who imagines that his toys come to life to help teach life lessons. That boy needs help.

Then again, another way to look at Winnie the Pooh is to say that all the characters are high on drugs for the entirety of the story. Eeyore displays a lack of motivation, has slow reactions, and seems not to care about much, which seems to suggest that he smokes marijuana or perhaps he has special brownies. Tigger is impossible to calm down, he bounces round the room with unnatural energy yet never seems to become tired, typical of an ecstasy pill popper. Rabbit is continually needy and gets into people’s business and is quite obviously coked out of his mind. Piglet is chronically anxious and paranoid and is probably chomping down mushrooms. Pooh loves sweets and has an unnaturally wild imagination and could quite possibly be on LSD. Christopher Robin talks to toys and is obviously also on some sort of hallucinogen. Owl stays out of taking drugs but seems to be there to help with everyone’s problems and is a likely candidate for their dealer.

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