Remaining Resolute

2012 is here. And apparently we’re all going to die in a burning ball of sulphur, brimstone and perhaps the odd zombie. Or maybe we’ll be raptured. Or was that last year? I blame the Spanish anyhow, because if they hadn’t gone around killing just about everybody then perhaps the Mayans would have had more time to finish their calendar.

Regardless of whether or not we’ll see Christmas this year, the fact remains that we are now in January and certain things have to happen. Or so they tell me. Though I do find that half of what ‘they’ say to be utter garbage.

Besides removing the tree, the cards, and all hope of being your target weight again before April, January is the time for resolutions. Now you may recall that I spoke of the need to have an incentive to follow your new year’s resolution in last year’s January blog and this need still stands.

But what to resolve to do? The yeard? I think not. But thanks Emily for introducing me to the concept.

Really, any more food related resolutions seem rather obsolete as I just eat what I want when I want anyway so promising to never pass up a meringue is a little unnecessary when I will take one whether I am resolute or not.

And then we have people virtually screaming at us that a resolution will make you a better person or somesuch. No, really – did you see the guy on the new year countdown in London thingy? He spouted some filth about those who make new year’s resolutions being ten times more likely to achieve their life goals than those who don’t make them. Though to my mind, this is only true because many of those who don’t make new year’s resolutions don’t feel the need to split their life into goals and are in fact too busy living to sit down and write a list of how they wish to live. So of course they don’t achieve their life goals – they don’t have any.

I digress.

Returning to me however, I do actually want to have a resolution but to be honest, I don’t really think that there’s any part of me I wish to change which would be aided by a resolution. I’m happy with myself. I mean, I’m not the finished article by any standard and I’m not claiming perfection here, but what I am saying that I feel no burning desire or necessity to change anything. Or at least, the things I wish to change are outside of my control at this present moment and so I could resolve all I wanted and still have changed nothing.

But here’s a thought – to resolve to remain happy with myself. Easier said than done I’ll admit but at the end of it all, the goal is happiness and surely that’s the ultimate goal of all new year’s resolutions? So let’s just skip the middle step and get straight to the joy shall we? Sorted.

Rather Unrelated Video Of The Day:
In a year which saw the death of Gaddaffi, Kim Jong Il, Voldemort and Osama Bin Laden, the White House is sad to see the back of 2011 or, as they like to call it: "THE BEST YEAR EVER AND WE DIDN’T EVEN HAVE TO DO MUCH!". In the review of 2011’s news stories, The Onion News Network had a look back at Bin Laden’s death and whether or not it had an important impact upon the world:


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