There’s This Thing Called Google…

google-instant_1 I frequently utilise unnecessarily enormous words (see what I mean?). And I quite often talk about rather random and not very well known stuff. So it rather stands to reason that people don’t always know what I’m talking about. The fact that I mumble and deliver my words at breakneck speed also doesn’t aid my understandability factor either but that’s neither here nor there because you’re reading this and not having me read it out to you. Though if you sincerely feel the need to hear my voice, I am currently available to do a bedside reading of all my blogs and any bedtime story you want.

I believe we’re getting rather off topic here.

Yeah so not everybody knows what I’m nattering on about half the time. Fair play, I can understand this. What I can’t understand is when people don’t know how to use Google. Not that I demand that everybody have a complete understanding of all the useless drivel I spew out, you’re probably better off not knowing most of the utter banal trivia and geekology which thrills me so. But what I do take exception to is when people read something on the internet, be it on the news or on Facebook or whatever and when they don’t fully comprehend what they’ve just glanced over they don’t go to Google (or any other search engine of their choice) and FIND OUT.

Ok so I’m not asking everybody to totally grasp the inner workings and subtle nuances of world politics or have a complex knowledge of how just exactly what they’re looking for at CERN and be able to fire off facts about what Confucius thought on everything. It’s ok to not be interested in stuff – I detest football to the extreme and make it my business not to know anything or understand anything about it.

But what really fries my noodle is how people can genuinely want to know something and then not go and find out, like whether or not that was Ryan Phillippe I saw run past the screen behind Denzel Washington in Crimson Tide (it was), and whose voice that is dueting with Kate Rusby in High On A Hill (it was Chris Thile’s from Punch Brothers), what the deal is with Taiwan and China (in short: China’s a petulant child).

Sometimes finding out can be fun you know. Ok so whether or not it’s so-and-so in that film and which other films they’ve been in is a simple IMDb job (who knew – Crimson Tide was Ryan Phillippe’s first big film), and the whole China/Taiwan situation is handily run through on Wikipedia for you if you want to spend about 20 minutes browsing through a few pages, but working out who was singing with Kate Rusby was immensely satisfying.

I knew I recognised the voice. I was pretty sure it was the lead singer from Punch Brothers but I didn’t know any of the band members’ names. Step 1: open two Wikipedia tabs, one for Kate Rusby and one for Punch Brothers. Step 2: search Kate Rusby’s page for the lead singer of Punch Brothers. Step 3: when step 2 fails, open Google and ask it the question “who sings with Kate Rusby in High On A Hill” and then scroll down. Step 4: read a BBC review of Rusby’s album Awkward Annie in which it says that Chris Thile of Punch Brothers sings with Rusby. Job done. Step 5: Celebrate with some Earth, Wind And Fire.

There is absolutely no excuse why somebody who wants to know something can’t find out if they’re anywhere near a computer or a smart phone. I honestly don’t know how people can actually watch films without getting really frustrated about where they know that actor or actress from. As soon as films start, I’m on IMDb working out who’s who, what else they’ve been in and whether or not I like their back catalogue of films. The internet. Serious business.

For those of you who didn’t have a clue what I was going on about with Kate Rusby, here’s the song:


2 thoughts on “There’s This Thing Called Google…

  1. “Amen!” Bro’! I’ve personally encountered an even more infuriating version of this phenomenon, where when faced with the brilliant deployment of an unusual factoid or obscure word, some people will not respond with “that’s interesting *yawn*”, “what does that mean? *yawn*” or even “you’re wrong!”[followed by the empirical demonstration of your ontological inexactitude], they will obdurately [:)] refuse to accept even the possibility of information or vocabulary outside their own personal encyclopaedia or lexicon. You know the kind of thing “”Obdurate”? That’s not even a word! You’re just making stuff up!” [followed by the refusal to correct their own epistemological malfeasance!]. Drives me straight round the twist!

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