About Apathy


So I haven’t blogged in ages. Again.

“What happened to your blog?” I was asked the other day, and I really couldn’t answer. What has happened to it? It’s still here thank goodness but where has the writing part gone?

Oddly enough, I’ve found myself over the summer really not caring about anything. You may beg to differ if you’ve had a conversation with me but truthfully I don’t care about anything.

Apathy is strange. It creeps up on you when you begin to not care about the little things and then before you know it, you don’t care about the big things.

Now I know I’ve still appeared to care about stuff – my views on most things haven’t really changed and some of you might have found yourselves on the opposite side of a conversation which quickly morphed into an argument debate. Truth be told however, I was just talking for the sake of it.

This transformation into Dr House is an odd development in me but I think I’m over it now. Because really I do care about stuff. Not everything I hasten to add but definitely the important stuff such as: what’s for tea, whether or not we have any coffee left which isn’t instant or decaf*, and whether or not there’s a new episode of Modern Family online yet.

Life is frequently odd and personality developments such as these are interesting. I just hope I don’t develop any ambivalence to people and friends anytime soon. If I do, slap me about the face and tell me to obey life’s golden rule: Don’t be a tool.

*On Sunday I saw a cup of coffee on the table which looked a bit lonely and so I asked whether it was for me or not. Mum replied “It’s decaf instant coffee”. “Mother,” I replied “there are two very wrong words in that sentence”. Death before decaf ladies and gentlemen.


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