Opening Credits

I’ve been ill the past two days (I’m better now but you’re still allowed to send me flowers and chocolate) and so to combat the inevitable boredom that sets in when one has to stay in bed all day so as not to risk having a coughing fit half way down the stairs and being discovered as a pulverised quivering wreck in the hallway who’s just coughed up his spleen,* I have been spending a solid two days watching films and TV series I’ve been needing to catch up on. And I thought I’d write a blog seeing as how I haven’t written in ages.

I love TV series, I really do. Stuff all those people who say "TV’s not what it used to be" Have you turned it on lately? This September, all my favourite TV shows are coming back on and I’m redonkulously excited.

What I think really puts the finishing touches onto a TV series is the theme tune – the opening credits. And so, in true Andy fashion, here are my top 5 theme songs from TV series. There are many more which I love such as The West Wing – I still feel the need to stand up and salute whenever I hear the slightest snippet of that tune – but these are the five which make shivers run down my spine.

5. Battlestar Galactica
Easily the greatest sci-fi show ever to grace our screens and a very strong contender for best damn show ever, BSG is immense. I mean, who writes a theme song in Sanskrit and fuses so many musical styles together to virtually create a whole new culture which comes across in the opening credits? Bear McCreary, that’s who.
The stuff throughout the show is also rather nifty if you’re into orchestral stuff. The second this comes on the TV, me Ian and Tom all feel the need to wail incessantly, slightly in tune, to the magnificence that is BSG’s opening credits.


4. Firefly
Also a good contender for best damn show on TV and jumping in at second place for best sci-fi show ever, Firefly is the shiznit. Joss Whedon the director wrote and performed the opening credits and they’re just marvelloso.


3. Game of Thrones
To be honest, most things with a cello get me, but along with the animations, these opening credits take the fantastical biscuit. I didn’t know what to expect from the series, but from the moment the opening credits began, I knew I was going to go all fanboy and crazy about Game of Thrones. And rightly so.


2. Will & Grace
I love jazz piano. That is all.

1. True Blood
Ok so it’s a little graphic and disturbing but you can’t deny that the song is catchy. Dirty, yes but also catchy. To be honest, I’ve never been able to watch the opening credits because they freak me out so much. I just leave it playing in the background because I LOVE the song. In fact, I can’t stand the thought of it on my blog so here’s just the audio. To be honest, it’s addictively catchy enough on it’s own.


*Ok so it wasn’t that bad, but you get the picture. Allow me a little poetic license if you please. And hey, who am I kidding? This is my blog! If I declare a need for melodrama, then melodrama there shall be. So there.

Of course, a blog about TV show opening credits really couldn’t be complete without this now could it? Come on now, you know you know all the words.


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