This Is What A Feminist Looks Like

this_is_what_a_feminist_looks_like_tshirt-p2358708545751746214xmd_400Honest to blog, I want this t-shirt. I do! I really do. You know why? Cos I’m a feminist.

Now recently, I’ve had far more cause to end up saying “I’m a feminist” than usual because I’ve been surrounded by people who were adamant that they weren’t feminists and that all feminists were evil, men hating, bra burning witches who wanted to rule the world. I had to stand up and claim to be a feminist. This is pretty weird people. Pretty weird.

I asked those railing against feminism what issues they had with women’s rights, equal pay, fair treatment in law and the women’s suffrage and the reply I received was “none”. So in fact, the women I was arguing with were feminists themselves.

Why is it that I seem to be the only person in my circle of friends who’s bothered about women’s rights? I seriously don’t get it.

The answers I usually got to the question of “why are you girls not feminists” tended to go along the lines of “I don’t hate men” and “feminists are extremists”. This, my dear friends, is baloney.

Take a look at this (admittedly cheesy) video about what a feminist looks like. If you need to be enticed – it has Allison Janney in it. And she’s one of the coolest women on the planet.

If you’re reading this, I’m quite willing to bet that you’re a feminist. Come on! You live in the West, you’re educated and you don’t hate women. Ergo – you are a feminist. That is, unless you’re a complete idiot who thinks that women are lesser than men, they deserve less pay and that they don’t deserve to be represented in law or in government. If that’s the case, then I’m pleased to inform you that you are not a feminist and you are also braindead.

And for those of you who think that this is a non-issue and that the fight is won for the women of the west, I direct your attention to this video, narrated by Judi Dench. See, I only pick the best actresses for my Public Service Announcements.



7 thoughts on “This Is What A Feminist Looks Like

  1. I think you misunderstand the reason feminism has become a dirty word to many people. In the early and mid 20th century, feminism meant just what you say – a movement for fair and equal treatment of women – no more and no less. However, in the last third of that century mainstream feminism, and mainstream feminist thinkers like a certain Prof. Greer et al., began to develop it into what can be best described as a “Marxism of the Sexes”. It became a sociological lens for looking at all social ills, from capitalism to domestic violence, interpreting them as the product of ‘gender war’ in the same way Marx envisaged class war.
    In the mainstream this has meant that modern ‘feminists’ like Harriet Harman attribute all gender inequalities to the oppressiveness of men, regardless of any other real moderating, mediating or mitigating factors (what we psychologists call the Fundamental Attribution Error). In the extreme, this has led to the ‘anti-man’ feminism, which blames all the world’s ills on men (I was told one anecdote by a lecturer of mine last year, about a conference on Domestic Violence. Some researchers had presented evidence that of all domestic violence incidents, 60% are solely male perpetrated against female, about 8% female against male and some 30% were mutual/retributory cycles of violence. They were egged and almost physically attacked by a group of feminist academics who were incensed by the notion that at least 38% of all such incidents would be perpetrated by women!).
    In short, Andy, Feminism moved on and turned silly/nasty. It has become a loaded word. Deal with it. Try another term: egalitarian, liberal, modern, moderate. All good words. They mean what you mean. But without the baggage.

    • But that’s like saying that all Muslims are terrorists or all Christians are in the KKK. Yes, some Muslims are, and some people claiming to be Christian are racist, but it doesn’t intrinsically mean that those terms mean fanaticism.
      I agree with you about it being mainly a word war, with the word feminist being tied down with a load of baggage, but I doubt most people would be able to conjure up such arguments such as “men are responsible for all ills”.
      Just because there’s people think that feminist is a dirty word, it doesn’t mean that we should treat it like one. That only cements the incorrect point of view.

      • The point is the reason i has become a dirty word. Feminism was and still is a political movement and an academic model, much like neo-liberalism or socialism. To call yourself a Feminist carries the connotations of that movement, which goes beyond what you in fact mean by it. Most americans are, for instance, democrats and republicans, but only half would call themselves each because of the political connotations.

  2. Dan is right.
    There is many, should I say, “Lanes” to feminism. Begining with equality and ending with war of the sexes.

    To get to The Bible on it, the bible is clear that Men and Women are equal before God but but have different roles. The thought that Men and Women have to be completely the same to be equal is stupid. Men and Women are different and should be treated different, but equal. (In all human rights, and issues of the soul)

    Women are human, lovely and equal as people.. The big thing is, they are equal in different ways.. I dont think this can be fully understood without many years of marriage with one though.. I am more than confused by how women work just being engaged to Sarah. We both work different and have different roles.

    I would reccomend this sermon..

    It tackles alot of issues with feminism.

  3. Yes men and women are different but should they be treated differently? Surely that’s not treating them equally? Equal in different ways? So… not equal then? I see that people have different roles but to deviate from the idea that women are fully equal to men in any respect is to deviate from the truth. If we look at it biblically, we have Gen 2:18 where woman is made as the counterpart, the comparison, the one fit or suitable for living alongside man as an equal.
    Maybe I just have a better insight into how women work than straight guys. I don’t see them as any more confusing than anybody else and I never have. The whole idea that “women can’t be understood” is alien to me as I think women are people and I can understand a woman to the same extent to which I can understand another person and that doesn’t require a lifelong marriage. I’m not saying I understand women fully, but nobody does. Nobody understands anybody fully.
    To declare that women are equal is feminism. It’s shouldn’t be a dirty word and I will keep saying it until they are fully equal to men.

  4. Equal in what sense? I am all for equality.. But as for olimpics, Phelps would swim a sperm out of the water, never mind a woman. Arnold Schwarzenneger cannot possibly be compared to top women body builders as he is made differently, but yet equal.

    Its like us and politicians, they are different to us, but all equal as humans. Same for men and women, different responsibilitys.. Yet equal.. am all for that. Feminism as a secular movement is a cautious one. It leads to co-existance and not submission (from both male and female sides).. Men and Women think and act differently.. They are made different..

    Excuse the corney example: What is better out of a Hammer and a Screwdriver? Nothing.. One is more delecate, one is more sturdy, one can do rotation and pushing movements, the other gets one job done. Both are different, but none are better.. It would be stupid to say one was.

    We are made different, and evidently so.
    Unfortunately, some idiots wanting to oppress women have destroyed this, and sent reason to the other extreme, as always happens..

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