Have you ever wondered why there are advertising campaigns for milk?

;m=is;f=jpg;h=323;k=Fzx1ZY3JDmBfpyqy6iAkKg;q=100The UK has recently been subjected to a particularly cringe-worthy one, full of bad puns and C-list celebrities. Or perhaps they’re A-list. I don’t know. I’m not particularly down-with-the-kids these days.

But WHY do people feel the need to advertise milk? Have people stopped taking it in their tea or coffee? Do recipes no longer need it? Or is dry cereal the watchword of the day?*

I mean, it’s not as if we’ve forgotten about milk. It’s been around for as long as we have and we’ve been glugging it down for about the same period of time. On a side note, I’d love to go back in time and witness the thought process that led people to tugging on a cow’s udder and then drinking the result. Or perhaps they worked their way up from smaller animals? Cat’s milk – no, dog’s milk – no, sheep’s milk – no, pig’s milk – no, cow’s milk – OH MY DAYS THIS IS AMAZING! Or something like that.

Now I’m not your biggest milk fan but I haven’t been not buying it. I use it on cereal, mmf_wanted_a4in the occasional coffee and tea and we, as a house, use quite a normal amount. I’m not one to swig it in the street (though those handy little cartons they sell do make it a quick and pocket sized thirst quencher) but I’ve nothing against the sickening masses who do. There, you see? I’m very accepting of those vile people.

And why do people feel the need to advertise it with a milk moustache? Both here and in the US, it’s always the milk moustache which indicates that the big shiny famous person has been drinking milk. As if we couldn’t guess from the slogan "Got milk?" or the handy glass of the white stuff they happen to be holding.


I became intrigued as to whether any other countries chose to advertise something which we were all already going to by anyway and found that quite a few places have huge ad campaigns trying to force people to buy milk. These ranged from the usual US/UK ones to the rather more bizarre European ones. Like I always say: Germans are weird. Canada also had a pretty odd one too but that was in French so I’m guessing it’s just Quebec being all odd and French.

Yet by far the oddest, and scariest, milk advertising drive was found in South Africa. Now I’m a big S.Africa fan. I haven’t been there myself yet but I can honestly say that everybody I’ve met from South Africa has been lovely. And not just lovely, absolutely brilliant would be a better way of putting it. However, it seems that should I ever meet a person who was in the committee who decided that the advert below was a good idea, I may have to change my philosophy on South Africans.

milkbonesIf you’re at all confused as to what the heck is going on in this picture, let me explain. There was once a man who drank lots of milk like a very good boy. One day, this man went a-wandering and caught his foot in a bear trap. Being a resourceful fellow, he was carrying a saw with him on this day and so he proposed to saw off his foot to escape the bear trap. However, because he had drunk so much milk, his bones were too strong for the saw to break through and so was left stuck in the trap. He died.

Who thought that would be a good idea?

*Interesting story: I once knew a girl who, honest to blog, used to have orange juice instead of milk on her cereal. Freakish, I know.

Yet another brilliant take on the Old Spice advert.


2 thoughts on “Milk

  1. I love milk, I drink it in cartons all the time..
    However, why are the government advertising it? Its not even a brand.. its actualy just “milk”..

    Makes you wonder what chemicals they are putting in it to control us…


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