How Do You Do It?

telling-off-a-telemarketer-211212 Ok, if this is one huge prank then ha ha ha very funny now please can you stop. Please?
You’re in cahoots. Cahoots! All of you. I know it.

Most nights, within two minutes of my head hitting the pillow, I will have received an email, a Facebook message, a Facebook comment, a text or a phone call. Or perhaps all five.

It doesn’t matter when I go to bed or when I say I’m going to bed. It doesn’t matter how late or how decidedly not late I stay up watching V, House or How I Met Your Mother, you always know.

Even if I’m lying in bed reading and I’m not ready for sleep yet, the moment I decide that it is sleepy time, the world wakes up and demands my attention.

I strongly suspect that my housemate has his ear to the wall or a camera in my room and when he sees my moment of drowsiness, he flicks a switch which activates a beacon in the sky which alerts all of you that now is the time to contact me. Curse you Ian, you always were a shifty git.

It’s not as if it’s only a select few of you either. People I haven’t heard from in months choose this time to send me an "omg its lyk totes ages since i seen ya" text which, aside from prompting my barf reflex, begs the question – HOW DO THEY KNOW?

It’s as if the universe doesn’t want me to sleep or perhaps it merely has a very strange way of telling me that I don’t need my beauty sleep because I’m beautiful enough already. Yeah. Whatever. Just stop.

This is me during my "revision" period.


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