If Music Be The Food Of Love, Play On. Part I

woman-listening-to-music-o With most music there is only a certain amount of times I can listen to a song or an album before I have to put something else on or I’ll get fed up with the music I enjoy. However there are some songs which are so excellent, I could listen to them forever without becoming tired of them. It’s quite a sizeable list of songs actually so I’ll just lay out a few of them for now. I’ll continue the list as time goes on.
*Click on the song title to play the song*

Positive Touch – Journey
I mentioned my love for this song in the blog Journey Mania but I feel the need to draw your attention to it once more. If you, like me, are a sucker for a good saxophone solo then this will thrill you to the core. It’s such a happy song too – it always cheers me up and makes me dance a little. I say a little, in reality I funk out all across my room like a spastic bunny.

Nightswimming – REM
Not only do I geek out about sax solos but also about anything with a cello. If I could go back in time and learn another instrument instead of the sodding trumpet, it would be the cello. And I wouldn’t go and give it up in year 9 all because of an overbearing, incredibly strict and insensitive teacher. I’m not bitter about that at all as you can see. Anyhow, let us return to the topic at hand. REM always tend to mellow me out when I’m slightly stressed and this song in particular is great to relax to. I love imagining myself into the song and just drifting away. Wow, I’m getting a little too sentimental here aren’t I? Oh what the heck – go listen to the song and tell me I’m crazy.

Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) – Florence And The Machine
Florence And The Machine totally do it for me. I love just about everything they do. I love music that’s really busy yet not too overpowering and too full. I love Florence Welch’s voice and some of the arrangements they come up with in their songs are sheer genius. Rabbit Heart is probably my favourite song of theirs but it’s closely followed by Drumming Song (which might actually end up making an appearance in a later edition of this blog).

Who Are We Fooling? – Brooke Fraser
Just when I thought Brooke Fraser couldn’t get any better she went and released her new album Flags. If you thought Albertine was good (and let’s face it, you don’t because in all probability you don’t have a clue who I’m talking about) Flags is so much better. Though I am reliably informed by Hannah that Albertine makes a come back after excessive listening to Flags; I’m yet to reach that stage but I look forward to it. I love anything with good harmonies and Who Are We Fooling definitely has good harmony. And a cello. What’s not to like? Ok so the topic not a particularly joyful one – a couple feel as if they’ve reached breaking point and they’re wondering who’s going to be the first of them to finally admit it as they both still feel so very attached to the other. Angsty – yes. Depressing – perhaps. Good song – definitely.

Philadelphia Freedom – Elton John
Who can resist Elton John’s musical genius? If the answer is you, then I dare you to listen to this song and tell me you don’t like it. Philadelphia Freedom is so incredible I really could listen to it for eternity. This song, along with Journey’s Positive Touch, is my power song. When I hear it I’m immediately filled with new strength. If I were ever called upon to perform on the big stage (which will never happen but a boy can dream) I would most probably sing this song because it’s so freakin’ good!


And this is why you should never try to rob a dwarf.


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