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It’s no secret that I like YouTube and YouTube covers. I love that people can put themselves out there for the world to see as they take on some of the world’s best music. We have bands like Pomplamoose and Ahmir or solo artists like Igor Presnyakov, an amazing Russian (?) guy who does guitar covers for just about any song. Seriously, you wouldn’t believe how incredible he is on the guitar – check him out!

Even when covers aren’t all that up to scratch as some people’s are, a lot of amateurs can sound pretty good when they cover a good song and manage not to mess up the lyrics. For example, this cover of La Roux’s Tigerlilly may leave a lot to be desired but I can’t help but like it for some reason. The camera’s poor quality, the singers are just kids, the harmony is slightly too loud, they sometimes struggle to keep in time and (most importantly) they’re not La Roux. But what with Tigerlilly being such a great song and the boy having the inspired idea of playing the ukulele, it makes me smile.

However, some songs really shouldn’t be covered by people unless they have the voice for it. I discovered this while looking for covers of Bruno Mars & Travis McCoy’s Billionaire. I don’t think I’d fully appreciated just how incredible Bruno Mars’ voice is until I found out that nobody can cover this song convincingly. All you have to do is listen to those first few notes "I wanna be a billionaire…" and you realise that nobody out there can hit those notes with anywhere near the same force and tone.

Don’t believe me? Listen to the original, then listen to this cover, or this cover, or this cover, or this cover, or this cover… I’m sure you get my point. I mean, this guy gets close but still it’s not good enough.

Not that covers have to sound exactly the same – they don’t at all and I often prefer it when they’re quite different – but when the whole song rests upon such stunning vocals as those of Bruno Mars, I think it’s best to leave it alone and do another cover of Wonderwall.


One thought on “Multi-Billionaires

  1. I love Bruno mars..
    I think he is amazing!

    No doubt you will know him,. but search for Andy Mcgee if you want good acoustic songs.

    “Rylynn” Is a personal favorite.

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