Well to be strictly correct, her name to me is Nomes but let’s not start splitting hairs straight away now.

This blog entry is set to me a bit of a different one than usual. Normally I write about what I think or my opinions and suchlike but today’s blog is about another person.

I first met Nomes at the UBM Reunion. If you’re not sure what one of them is, don’t worry. All you need to know is that it’s a big weekend away with lots of people.

Now as some of you know, this summer hasn’t been the walk in the park that summers usually are. Normally, my biggest drama is the one time each year when I get sunburnt. I never get sunburnt and it’s a crime on the sun’s behalf when my skin turns all pink and peely. Yet what with this years break-ups, coming out of closets, and the general kerfuffle in my head I think it’s pretty safe to say that I’ve had better years.
It was a Saturday night and to be honest I was in quite a bleak place and I had been for the past six months or so. It turns out that when you believe something and then choose to live life in the opposite direction, you tend to run up against the odd mental roadblock or two. Who knew? I was really feeling the need for somebody new to talk to about stuff. Not important stuff, just a new person with whom I could laugh about things and get along with and enjoy a nice platonic friendship with without having to think so damn much all the time.
Now this isn’t to say that I had no friends to talk to. On the contrary, from the second I stepped back into my English life I’d had the closest of friends sitting down and talking to me, helping me though every step of the way. Every single one of the people I talked to helped me. Yet I was still feeling the need for something a little different.

And then there she was – tapping me on the shoulder and asking "Why haven’t we met before?"* We have loads of the same friends and we knew each others’ faces but we’d never sat down and got to know each other.

In about five minutes flat however, we were bezzies. No doubt about it, this girl was an answer to prayer. We ran off to the dining hall and commandeered a huge table all to ourselves and proceeded to stuff our faces with cake. And, as everybody knows, the best friendships are forged around cake.

Sadly the weekend came to an end (as they often tend to do) on the Sunday and so we were made to say our goodbyes and then go home to Liverpool and Leeds. Since then, the order of the day has been copious amounts of texting, the odd bit of Skypage so we can gossip about X Factor and give each other advice about different events in our lives, a letter or two and one birthday present.

I think that the oddest thing about this friendship is that although it’s been quite life changing, I haven’t spoken very much about it and I’m not sure why. Here is a brilliant person who gets my jokes and laughs at them (a definite prerequisite for all potential friends), who has the biggest heart I’ve ever seen in anybody and for some reason she absolutely refuses to think bad of me. I thought I should be shouting her praises from the rooftops but it’s cold outside, I don’t have a ladder, my roof looks kinda slippy and I’m a wimp. So this blog will have to do. Especially since she went ahead a wrote one about me!

So there you have it readers – yet one more person to change my life: The Amazing Nomes And Her Face.


*Oddly enough, two more of my closest friendships have started in this way – with a simple question. Luke’s first words to me were "Are you Andy Taylor?" and mine and Ian’s first words were "Do you like Star Wars?"
Who knows? You could be immortalised in a blog just for asking me the time of day.


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