What Andy Did Next

Some of you are probably wondering where I’ve been and why I haven’t been religiously updating my blog for the past month or so. No? None of you has wondered where I’ve disappeared to? I don’t care, I’ll tell you all anyhow.

When I was in France I lived in a state of semi-seclusion, only coming out on Wednesdays and weekends when there was a possibility of excessive coffee consumption with my friends. As a result of this, I had lots and lots of time to spam you all with random thoughts from my brain.

Being back in the UK, I’m now surrounded by lots of friends who live within walking distance and so my social calendar has seen a marked increase in activity and as a result, my blogging has declines to a trickle.

I suppose that when term starts again that I’ll get back to blogging normally again, maybe not in the same quantity as when I was in France, but I think it’ll pick up a little.

Since travelling across Britain with Laura, I have:

  • Moved into Luke’s house to help him after some doctors cut into his back and had a rummage around.
  • Gone to see Scissor Sisters live in concert in Birmingham.
  • Moved out of Luke’s into my own house with Ian.
  • Discovered just how much stuff is needed to make a house a home.
  • Improved my suntan.
  • Visited Brighton.
  • *cue geekness* Acquired a BlackBerry.
  • Had a geekgasm in Cyber Candy – an American candy store in Brighton.
  • Totally begun to rule Liverpool on Foursquare. *here endeth the geekness*

I am now:

  • Hosting the lovely Katie James for a few days as she visits the North of England.
  • Praying that the weather goes back to the glorious sunshine of last week.
  • Going to see Regina Spektor in Leeds.
  • Starting to look for a job.
  • Wishing that I had a grand piano and/or an accordion to play.

So there you have it, the various activities of me over the past month or so. See you all in a bizzle fo’ shizzle.

One thought on “What Andy Did Next

  1. (Unrelated to most things in blog): Did you know that Mark McKinney didn’t know, until yesterday, that you and Jon were brothers? I found this most amusing. I said something that passingly referred to the siblingish nature of your relationship and he suddenly stopped being attentive to the cranberry and coconut shortbread he was mixing to say,
    “Hold on…Andy Taylor…and Jon Taylor…are brothers?…*long thoughtful moment of concentration with incredulous furrowed brow*…I guess it makes sense!”
    Also, on an additional note unrelated to the above but related to the below: I am still a grammar nazi, but I am learning to keep it all inside. There are better things to evangelise about…

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