Yellow Mini Pinch Punch

YELLOWCAR! *punch* What. A. Game. If you’re unfamiliar with the joys that can be brought by inflicting physical pain upon your friends because you espy a car of a certain colour, then allow me to fill you in on the rules.

When you see a yellow car (not a van, lorry or taxi) you must react a quickly as possible and punch the nearest person to you while shouting "Yellow Car!"
Simple really.

Mini pinch is quite a similar game apart from the fact that you pinch a person when you see a mini instead of punching when you see a yellow car.

If you see a yellow mini, you pinch then punch. No need to thank me for providing you with such a fun game.

The odd thing is, along Smithdown Road, the main road near where all we students live, there is a very unusual concentration of minis. So numerous are these minis that I had some quite thorough training in the mini pinching with Will Miney. We spent lots of time together over the past week and so every five minutes involved a mini pinch.

So alert was I today that when I saw a mini bombing past on the road I immediately yelled "MINI PINCH!" and lunged to my left to pinch the person walking next to me. The unfortunate thing is, I didn’t know them. I’d forgotten that I was walking along all by myself and I almost physically assaulted the woman walking along next to me minding her own business. Well, maybe physically assaulted is a bit of a strong term but I’m sure she wouldn’t really see that much of a difference when I began explaining the nuances of the rules of mini-pinching to her. So socially awkward and embarrassing was this encounter that both of us looked quickly at the pavement and power walked away from each other.



4 thoughts on “Yellow Mini Pinch Punch

  1. I forgot about this post. Though, I must admit that i read the first paragraph, assumed I knew what it was about*, and skipped right down to the video. Cat slap = one of a kind. Like a baby panda sneezing. That was always one of my favorite animal party tricks.

    *Having seen Jo’s comment, perhaps I should rethink and actually read the post in its entirety?

  2. Andy Taylor, i absolutely adore this! It has made me giggle in the middle of my boring school work. That is something I would do, if I am completely honest. I get to gidddy and carried away. Good work Andy :) x

  3. I’m familiar with this game with other variations such as all yellow vehicles are fair game and its called ”cheese on wheels.” a gas van can cost you a punch in the arm too. There is also ”taxi poke” which is pretty self explanatory. The only clause in the game is vehicles that are parked are excluded. There is a rebounds clause where if the victim shouts ”rebounds” before the attacker can shout ”no rebounds” they get to return the favour.

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