I’m Back, I’m Back, I’m Really Really Back.

100_0832 Apologies for my extended absence from this blog, the past two weeks or so have been a little busy for me. I left France on the 4th of May and arrived back in the motherland at 10:30 PM. So glad was I to be on English soil (well, tarmac) that my smile dazzled the other passengers. Or, it would have if I hadn’t been so tired from lugging 30kg of my worldly possessions across Paris.

In tow behind me (not literally I hasten to add) was Laura – an American friend who had been teaching in a school not too far from me (in theory) in France. Having previously only seen London, she wanted to form a better picture of the UK and travel around a wee bit.

We spent five days in Liverpool, one day in Wales, another travelling to the north of England and then four days in Scotland. There was a party, costumes, wine, ale, castles, free music, spoons, French people, driving, sun, rain, wind, art, a semi-failed attempt at a night of dancing and a very nice German (?) boy who was quite touchy-feely to say the least. Blogs about said travels and escapades will indeed follow shortly, complete with photos and possibly a video or two. For now, hang tight and get back to that revision you’re supposed to be doing.


Oh, and a side note for all you Gleeks out there: the episode of Glee that will air tonight (May 18th) in the US of A was directed by none other than the genius that is Joss Whedon. If you are unfamiliar with his catalogue of awesome, this is the guy who wrote Toy Story, Buffy, Alien:Resurrection and Dollhouse. He is the creator of Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog (which you must watch*) and, my personal favourites, Firefly and Serenity. Not only is the episode directed by such a deity but it also stars none other that the embodiment of legen-(wait for it)-dary and the inventor of the phrase "suit up!" Neil Patrick Harris. That’s right folks, the character you love to hate in How I Met Your Mother, Dr Horrible himself and all round funny nice singing gay guy will be gracing our screens and filling our ears with sweet sweet music. I will die a happy man.

*It’s the law.

It’s funny cos it’s true.


2 thoughts on “I’m Back, I’m Back, I’m Really Really Back.

  1. loved the facebook bit. it’s eerily correct.

    also, in my busy-ness, i’ve been MIA from the blogosphere as well. glad to see you didn’t get to obsessed with the youtube embedding in the meantime. lol.

    glad we can still keep up with each other this way. our small town locations were at least convenient for in person meet-ups!

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