Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

Every morning afternoon when I wake up, there is a song playing in my head. In fact, there’s a song playing in that old skull of mine every waking moment but in the morning the song demands one thing before I can properly function: to be blasted out at full volume and for me to have a funky little dance sesh.

Below is a list of the songs which have been propelling me out of bed for the past few months. If you feel the urge to laugh then go ahead, I can’t hear you over the sound of my awesome music.

Vogue – Madonna (cover by Jane Lynch)
Last week’s episode of Glee was just fantastic. Words fail me in describing the awesome that was the Madonna episode. One of the highlights of this episode was when they recreated the video of Madonna’s song Vogue. They paid such attention to detail and even did some things better than the original, which is saying something. I’ve gone to bed and woken up with this song bouncing around my head for the past week and I’m not the least bit tired of it.

Ur So Gay – Katy Perry
I’ve only recently come to like Katy Perry’s music after appropriating her album from Christian and it’s now one of the most played albums on my PC. It’s this song however which I wake up to. It’s funny and I love the lyrics, not to mention the ending.

How You Survived The War – The Weepies
The Weepies are a fantastic new little discovery of mine (thanks muchly to Laura for sharing them) and I’m utterly enamoured with their music. They’re so laid back and chilled with beautiful harmonies I love having their music in my head.

Eye of The Tiger – Survivor
It’s a little disturbing how much this song pops into my head. Not that it’s a bad song, I love cheesy power songs! I just feel as if my subconscious is telling me to get up off my ass and try to drop kick Mr T…


Ave Maria – Schubert
For some reason, I’ve been breaking out into opera whenever I do the dishes and Schubert’s Ave Maria seems to be my go-to aria along with Santa Lucia and excepts from Mozart’s The Marriage Of Figaro. Now I’m still not sure which version I prefer to listen to, one sung by a man or one by a woman. Obviously my inspiration when I burst into impromptu song is a ‘ target=_blank>’ target=_blank>version sung by Pavarotti but I don’t think you can ignore this one by Barbara Bonney, even if she is singing in German and not the Latin which I think is far better.

Alone – Heart 
Another one from Glee – as I said, I’m a sucker for power songs and this one is no exception. I’m not sure whether I like the Glee version or the original better though, they’re both so alike.


Does Your Mother Know? – Abba
Totally Abba’s best song, it’s a great thing to start the day with that insistent base line and it’s a fantastic tune to make coffee and jive to at the same time.

Young Girl (Don’t Stand So Close To Me) – The Police
Yet one more from Glee, and you wonder why I love this programme? I know it’s a cardinal sin but I think I actually prefer the Glee version over the original by The Police… I’m going to burn for this aren’t I?

Go Your Own Way – Fleetwood Mac
I don’t think that a list such as this could be complete without some Fleetwood Mac. Go Your Own Way really gets me up in the morning, and that’s a real achievement! Listen to this song and try telling me that you’re not ready to go out and take on the world.

It’s a crime that there are no versions of the song on YouTube which aren’t live so you’ll just have to settle for this Spotify link. I’d recommend giving the whole album a listen as well, it’s jam packed full of awesome:


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