Journey Mania

In a (probably futile) effort to man up after my Justin Bieber post, I’ve decided to talk about Journey (as if you hadn’t gathered that from the title).

Now I love Journey. I really, really adore them. I was a fan long before all this Journey Mania came about, all thanks to an episode of Scrubs which featured some of their songs. The esteemed Liam Cox and myself started to buy and share Journey albums like crazy, we couldn’t get enough of Steve Perry’s voice.

So when I heard that Journey mania had taken over the UK I was quite happy at first, but then I realised the reasons why they had become so popular.

Over these past few months, especially in the UK where Journey was very much a lesser known band of the 70s, the a Journey mania took over with the inclusion of  Don’t Stop Believin’ being performed in the first episode of Glee and with the latest X-Factor winner Joe McElderry covering two Journey songs in his run in the contest, Don’t Stop Believin’ (again) and Open Arms.

All the hype was over two cover versions of a Journey song which I don’t even think is their best (though if it had been cover versions of my favourite Journey songs I might have died from apoplexy). The Glee version, while being one of the things that made me want to start watching the show, being played over the airwaves again and again is just plain blasphemy.

Ok, it was cool and novel and kudos for doing it but let’s be honest here: the number of people who have the ability to cover Journey and do justice to Steve Perry’s vocals is so small it’s almost not worth mentioning. There is a reason that he was nicknamed "The Voice" back in the day – it’s because he sounds incredible. The notes he hits are spectacular and to claim that an X-Factor or a Glee cover is on a par with him when you’re in my presence is tantamount to suicide.

So to set the record straight, here are my top five favourite Journey songs (in no particular order) to show you that Journey are amazing and such feeble covers cannot do them the slightest bit of justice.

Positive Touch
This song rocks my sexy socks to the core. A driving beat, and a kick ass saxophone solo in the middle? Yes please.

Sweet And Simple
I’m a sucker for harmony and this song is full of it. Perhaps an odd choice for my top five as it pushed out Seperate Ways (Worlds Apart) from the list but you have to listen to the notes which Perry hits in this song – they’re incredible.

Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’
Who can’t love this song? It’s funny, a little tongue in cheek and just plain awesome.

After visiting Journey’s home city of San Francisco, this song about The City really makes sense. Now I understand why they love the place so much, to see the "sun shine on the ba-ay" once more is a definite goal of mine.

Ask The Lonely
Want a song which is both uplifting and which really gets you going? Voila – Ask The Lonely.


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