Crazy Covers

I’m currently finding it hard to find a balance on this blog as sometimes I’m deadly serious (Let Freedom Ring), other times I’m messing about (The End Is Nigh), other times I’m telling you about my weekend or something similar (The Swell Asian Day In Paris) and so I’m a little unsure how and when to publish some blogs. For example, this blog was going to be about the Libyan dictator Colonel Gaddafi but I thought that would have been a little too much seriousness for my current mood. I’m currently kicking back watching videos of Omid Djalili on YouTube and so oppressive dictatorial and totalitarian regimes seemed a little out of step with all the laughter. So I decided to throw you some more YouTube love.

You all know by now that I’m a sucker for anything to do with YouTube. It is without a doubt one of, if not the best, site on the internet. I just can’t get enough of it. I’ve shown you some YouTubers before, mostly musicians as per Guilty Pleasure #4438 with a few others thrown in. One of the things I never tire of discovering on YouTube is a cover of a well known song which really switches it up a bit a surprises me. Hope you like these ones.

Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ by Imogen Heap

I’m a big MJ fan but not that much of an Imogen fan if I’m honest. So I was incredibly sceptical when I saw the title of this video. An artist I don’t like, covering a signature song of an artist I love – need a spade to help you in that hole? I was incredibly surprised though, this is one incredibly well done cover. It changes the whole feel of the song and makes it even creepier than it was before. I really can’t fault this cover at all.

Coldplay’s ‘Viva La Vida’ by Amy Kuney

Coldplay, yet another band I wax lyrical about. Viva La Vida has fast become one of my all time favourite songs, it’s just so darn good! Now there is a host of covers of it out there, some of them pretty decent but most missing the mark by a wide margin. So when I saw Amy’s version on YouTube, I expected just another mediocre cover but what I got was a toned down, more sedate version of the song which really worked for me. She uses quite risky harmonies but it really pays off for me as I can’t get enough of this cover.

Mark Owen’s ‘Makin’ Out’ by Pomplamoose

I’d never heard of Mark Owen before hearing this cover but I’m a huge fan of Pomplamoose and so I was sure that it’d be a good song. It’s such a cute cover of the song and I love it to bits. To be honest, just about every cover Pomplamoose do is excellent and quite revolutionary to the song. This is by far my favourite though.

‘Summertime’ by R.E.M.

What’s that a I hear you say? R.E.M. covering one of my mostest favouritest of songs evarrr? I’m THERE! I’m pretty sure there’s an Aerosmith cover out there as well which is pretty cool. Not as good as this cover though.


KurtHugoSchneider’s Michael Jackson medley

As previously mentioned, I’m a big Michael Jackson fan and I’m a sucker for anybody who duets with themselves. This guy manages to do a five part harmony with himself so he wins my instant respect. Not only that but he’s the only guy I’ve heard to successfully get the crucial chord at the end of the chorus in Michael Jackson’s ‘Man In The Mirror’. Now this isn’t strictly a cover so much as it is a medley of a load of songs but it’s damn cool you have to admit. Thanks to the illustrious Paul Moore for sharing this guy with me.



Here is a woman who’s so angry at the world it’s comedy genius. Justine loves herself and hates most other people with such a creative passion it’s adorable. One of my favourite videos of hers is her "Top 5 reasons to be fat" but the one where she shows us what to put in an Easter basket for kids is simply inspired. I also love the sections at the end of her videos called ‘Kiss My Ass Comment Time’ where people write the nicest things possible just to be featured in her video.


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