Why UKIP Sucks

Britcover UKIP, the United Kingdom’s Independence Party (as in independence from the European Union) is, just like the other three main political parties in the UK, gearing up for this year’s general election.

Now, some of my lovely readers support UKIP and I fully support your right to do so, this is not a personal dig against you, it’s an effort to inform people of why I (and a lot of other people) think that UKIP really have lost it, that they’re not the sharpest knife in the drawer. In fact I’d go so far as to say that they’re a fork in the knife drawer of politics trying to make sure that nobody else notices.

In this blog I will only use UKIP’s manifesto for the 2010 general election and not any anti-UKIP publications to make my point. After a quick summary read of their… policies, I’m fairly certain that I won’t need anything else to make my case. You might want to make yourself a large drink as it’s quite a long blog. You might also want to have another large drink of your favourite hard liquor to hand so you can down it at the end to help you forget the stupidity that is all around you.

UKIP Sucks At TradeUKIP will leave the political EU and trade globally and freely. We will re-embrace today’s fast-growing Commonwealth and we will encourage UK manufacturing so that we make things again.”
By their very definition, UKIP wishes to secede from the EU not just politically but also in terms of removing a whole load of trade agreements and benefits. Now I know that EU trade has more than its fair share of set-backs for the UK but seriously, to nullify all the EU trade agreements would be an utter disaster. For one thing, the price of French wine would go up and that isn’t something I’m going to be voting for anytime soon. Not to mention the price cosmetics and a lot of fashion (do these people not know where Paris is?)
Even though there needs to be a serious overhaul of some of the EU food trade policies, especially the fishing and some farming ones, I can’t honestly say that leaving the EU is the way forward. It’s like kids playing in the playground and the UK owns the football. The UK gets miffed at little Nicolas and Angela and so we threaten to take our ball home unless they let us write the rules. For goodness’ sake – we’ve been criticising the French for doing that for years!
Oh and while we’re on this quote, do they really want to “re-embrace [the] Commonwealth”? I know that the Commonwealth has some great opportunities, especially for a lot of developing countries but I’m not quite ready to go about embracing anything which we screwed up so royally just yet thanks.
Another point on the language: “we will encourage UK manufacturing so that we make things again.” No! Really? Is that what manufacture means? Well I never.

UKIP Can’t Run Immigration For ToffeeWe will freeze immigration for five years, speed up deportation of up to a million illegal immigrants by tripling the numbers engaged in deportations, and have ‘no home no visa’ work permits to ease the housing crisis.”
Are they serious? FREEZE immigration? So I’m guessing that they’ve made sure that there won’t be any huge humanitarian disasters that require the UK to come to the aid of thousands of refugees in the next five years then. They’ve also had a word with lots of lovely people like Mr. Mugabe to make sure that they’ll stop torturing their citizens and threatening to kill them so that none of them flee the the UK have they? Oh, and have they also checked that this will definitely not foster a greater attitude of racism in Britain?
“No home no visa”? Oh yeah that’s right, because all political refugees manage to secure a nice little two bed place in Milton Keynes before they flee for their lives.
I mean, I know that immigration in the UK needs work but again, you can’t just sever the problem to solve it! It’s like sticking your fingers in your ears and going “Lalalalalala I can’t hear you Mr. I’ve-been-tortured-for-speaking-out-against-your-government.” If you freeze immigration, you stop all the legitimate and needy people finding shelter in the UK each year. Seriously, did a bunch of 5 year olds think up these policies?

UKIP Wants To (and I quote) “Scrap the HUMAN RIGHTS ACT”We will… go back to proper beat policing and scrap the Human Rights Act.”
Need I say any more on this topic? Scrap the Human Rights Act? For goodness’ sake. Totalitarian Much?

UKIP Doesn’t Really Get The Environmental Issues (and it’s racist)We will say No to green taxes and wind farms. To avert a major energy crisis, we will go for new nuclear power plants on the same existing site facilities and for clean coal. We will reduce pollution and encourage recycling.”
Ok, so I’m not against nuclear power at all, in fact I’m all for it, but come on! They want to say no to wind farms? What’s wrong with wind farms? Yes, they could be more efficient but that’s no reason to scrap them all together and just pile on the nuclear bandwagon. Here we have another example of UKIP going to the extreme just to make a point, and yet again it’s not even a good point to make.
Thanks UKIP also for being so fantastically specific. You’ll “reduce pollution” will you? Mind telling us how you plan on doing that? Any thoughts? Ok then, I’ll read your policy on the environment *reads policy* Yeah… about that UKIP, there still wasn’t much specificity in those three hastily scribbled short paragraphs on reducing pollution. All you do is say that you’ll review the problem (paragraph 1) blame the EU (paragraph 2) and then say that you’ll review the problem again (paragraph 3). Don’t believe me? Check it out right here (sections 15.1 and 15.2 on pages 18 and 19).
While you’re there reading their ‘Secure Energy, Better Environment’ policy, why not head down to the section on controlling population growth which they managed to slip in there quite slyly (sections 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3 on pages 6 and 7). It starts by moaning about the high population density in the UK compared to – wait for it – countries such as the USA and Sweden which both have large portions of desert tundra (Nevada, Alaska, and then the 60% of Sweden that is uninhabitable). What is the cause of such gross overpopulation? You guessed it people, it’s (and I quote) “almost entirely due to immigration” and I bet they had a huge argument and one of their candidates is now sulking in a corner because of the inclusion of the word ‘almost’. Then in section 7.3, they tell us stuff about India and China which has very little relevance until you remember that this is their policy on the environment and not immigration.
Oh yeah, and by the way: clean coal is a myth. It says so right here. And here. And here. And here. There is one article I found which didn’t say that clean coal was a myth though. It called it a dirty lie instead.

UKIP Is [more blatantly] Hypocritical [than the other guys] “…We will make foreign lorries pay for British roads with a ‘Britdisc’ – and we will stop persecuting motorists.”
Does nobody else see the blatant hypocrisy in this sentence? No? It’s just me? Then what about this one then:
“UKIP’s Defence Vision recommendations:To… support our traditional partners.  To disentangle our forces from the EU…” Surely we’re traditional partners with the EU? No? Plate tectonics changed much in the past few years around Europe have they? There’s a reason we’re in the EU you know. It’s because we’re in Europe.
Jus’ sayin’.

UKIP Promises The Impossible “To increase the Army to at least 125,000 personnel (trained requirement) in order to enable it to cope with its existing deployment and roles. To double the Territorial Army in size from 37,000 to 75,000 soldiers.”
Aside from promising to withdraw from Europe and then still having a manageable economy, they also promise to add thousands of troops to the army. Let’s just back up a minute. I’m all for extra spending on the British Army, we desperately need it these days, but promising to create 25,000 new troops is a non-starter. Do these people know how people join the army? People have to choose to join. It’s not forced conscription! Do they want a far right totalitarian regime? Oh… wait, yeah, they probably do. Do they seriously realise just how hard it is to increase recruitment by that margin? Very hard.
They also say that they want to “To maintain Britain’s independent nuclear deterrent with existing Trident submarines, and to replace them with four British built US missile armed submarines.” To which I say “HELL NO!” and direct their attention to the excellent work of President Obama in championing the cause of nuclear disarmament (hence his Nobel Peace Prize).

Oh, and did I mention that…

UKIP is Racist “The [other parties] have agreed that Turkey should become a full member of the EU. If this happens, millions of Muslims would have the right to come and and live here. This would lead to great social upheaval in the UK…”
Need I really say anymore? They also have a policy on Restoring Britishness for goodness’ sake! For one thing, I’m pretty sure that Britishness isn’t a real word and secondly, said policy is so trickily worded that it just highlights the fact that they really want to say something but they think that they might get told off for it. OK so they’re not as racist as the BNP but they’re not people I’d be able to agree with on any day. I say they’re like the BNP but not as angry. Vote them in and you’ll get a tidal wave of racist policies and attitudes throughout Britain I guarantee you though.
Oh and apparently, I’m a threat to ‘Britishness’:
Threats to Britishness – The British Cultural Left: The British cultural/Marxist left has spent decades undermining British values and institutions. It has cast even the most sober and understated expressions of pride in nationhood as ‘racist’ and casts Britain as a historical villain guilty of slavery, colonialism and various other real and imagined wrongs. The current British establishment ironically is anti-British in important respects. This world view often relies on large grants to its ‘equality’ and ‘diversity’ quangos and strategic positions in the media, education and the legal system. The cultural left has also supported multiculturalism and supranationalism, both of which undermine a unified sense of being ‘British’.”
I love the sentence I underlined, why did they feel the need to include the phrase “real or imagined wrongs” while not listing any of these “imagined” wrongs? Was it to cast aspersions on the above claims? I couldn’t possibly speculate… although I just have. I’ll let you do the rest of the thinking.

I really could go on but I’ve already given you over 1800 words to read so I’ll stop here. I mean I still have about ten tabs open with all of UKIP’s different policies on this and that and I’m pretty confident that immigration will be blamed for any problems in at least half of them.

UKIP’s website is a bit of a maze and even after searching specifically for certain policies and statements on particular issues, UKIP was found to be sadly lacking in comment or at least more than a scrambled sentence on a number of important issues, such as the Armed forces continuing policy in Afghanistan, the pro life/pro choice debate, civil partnerships & gay marriage, and generally most other things pertaining to basic human rights. Their list of policies on Education looked like a brochure for a day-care centre with all the pictures of happy smiley children, the lack of a table of contents and the lack of coherence. Well, as long as we’re not in the EU and we have plenty to say on women wearing the Muslim veil it’ll all be fine right?

Thanks for reading! If you got through it all I’m pretty impressed with you. I almost died writing this. Sometimes from laughing at their childishness and other times from rage at their idiocy. I also had a bit of a headache with the grammar, UKIP is singular but some times only the plural sounds correct. Meh, you probably hadn’t noticed/don’t care so I’ll just shut up.

All quotes are either from various sections on the Campaign Policies section of UKIP’s website: http://www.ukip.org/content/ukip-policies or from one of their Facebook groups http://www.facebook.com/group.php?v=wall&ref=mf&gid=325792372662

Slightly Related Video Of The Day:

One thing I will applaud UKIP for however, is this MEP’s speech to the new President of the European Union. It’s pretty funny and he manages not only to insult the new president, but also to call Belgium a (and I quote) “non-country”. Not quite sure where he got that one from but it’s still rather funny.


7 thoughts on “Why UKIP Sucks

  1. I agree with you entirely. I think UKIP are, and have always been, completely unelectable. Perhaps unlike you, I do think they are worryingly close to occupying the ground of the BNP. In fact, on a fair number of policies – not least those regarding immigration – there is less than an anorexic cigrette paper between them! The only real difference is that the BNP has never quite escaped their skinhead, boots and braces image. UKIP never had to contend with that and therefore appeal to those middle-classes types who are very right-wing but can’t bring themselves to lend their vote to thugs and don’t feel the the Tories are hardline enough anymore.

    I disagree with you about his attack on Van Rompuy in the EU parliament. It was pretty clearly a publicity stunt and was completely uncalled for. In reality, it just made Farage seem like a complete fool.

    As a side note, do you not think it strange that Nigel Farage is so anti-European when he has such an incredibly French sounding name? Maybe it’s their equivalent of when the BNP say ‘We’re not racist. We have loads of black friends!’ He can claim he isn’t anti-European and xenophobic because he has a French sounding name… perhaps?

  2. I don’t have much to say on the political side of it (other than that a lot of that does sound silly), but I enjoyed reading :) Dear dear, coping with it on a national scale? I’m finding it hard enough to understand the Guild elections. Some of them have policies too. You should check them out ;)

    • Hm yeah but I didn’t call them far right now did I? Racist? Yes. And a nicer wing of the BNP yes. But just because the Torygraph has a nice little article not comparing them to Hitler it doesn’t mean that their policies are in fact any good.

  3. What I cannot understand is why more young people are NOT joining UKIP in droves.

    Let’s accept everything you say – UKIP are racist, disfunctional etc…

    Under mass immigration, we have the following facts so far. 5000 New people settle here per week, and the average age of a 1st time buyer has now climbed to 42.

    How many million new homes do we need to build to stop this trend? Or would we 1st have to stop the numbers and then play catch up?
    Aren’t most young people dealing with these sorts of numbers consigned to renting smaller and smaller spaces for most of thier lives?

    If economics is a question of supply and demand setting price, what happens to the price (wages) of Labour under a ever rising supply of Labour – imported at will? Supply and demand in the labour market certainly sets wages.

    Is Mass Immigration the reason why the % share of GDP that goes to Labour (workers) in the economy is at an all time historic lows, while the share that goes to shareholders as profits and rents as land is at all time highs?

    FUTURE? Frankly it looks like a debt ridden existance for most young people with serf overtones. If you where lucky enough to be born and worked before M.I. (mass immigration i.e. circa 1997) and had a mortgage on a pokey flat/house/etc.. your rich!
    If your unluckly enough to be born after M.I. your the dumb grunt with massive debts hanging around your neck paying for the former’s massive spoils, while being under intense competition in the jobs, rental and housing markets, which the former never were.

    What I think is that you have been sold a pup by all 3 mainstream parties. That pup is that when it comes to work for most of us we have to compete directly here wih anyone shipped in from with the rest of the world ‘because China, India is on the rise, etc… ‘and we can no longer afford a welfare state etc.. etc…’

    If you object to this arragement, your racist (of course), backwards, and simply don’t get that the economy is global and we ‘Must Compete’ at all costs, and falling standards of living (real wages, job opportunities falling, amount of housing you can afford shrinking, worse lives than parents etc.. etc..) just a cross you have to bear (usually said with great urgency by a ridcouloiusly fat man who patently hasn’t done a days hard work in his life).

    However, when it comes to the Owners of Land or Businesses, or the highly protected public sector, then suddenly the everything is local not global, thier rights to unfettered income gains from mass immigration (Richardos Iron Law of Rent) meaning rising rents and ever rising asset values and choice jobs and us funding thier pensions with no pensions ourselves is scaroscant.

    The truth is that its mainly lies and the Labour party has sold out to Big Business and interests other than Working Class people’s concerns.

    70% of the economy is local. You eat food mainly grown locally, housing is of course, local and for the UK, most energy is local – the oil and gas is luckly local, not global. The idea that the whole world should have a right to come here because of global competition affecting the remaining 30% of the economy is a total nonsense.

    People do not have to accept such a bleak future. And make no mistake – bleak it is – because its what Warren Buffett calls ‘the wicked foot’ of capitalism. It’s virtually costless to import a new worker from abroad if your a UK business or to offer a foreign student a (often fake) visa, endless routes into the UK etc… Adding a unit to the labour force, costlessly, raising asset values and rents and profits while lowering wages.

    The nobel prize for economics was won in 1968 by G. Hardin for a paper called The tradegy of the commons – He showed that such a situation greatly impoverses the population as a whole – as it treats the labour market as ‘a commons’ with costless additions of extra units of Labour lowering real wages to the benefit of other interests. It is only great amounts of debt that have hidden the reality of this situation.

    Yet – We will not suddenly icur disaster if we lower immigration to pre-1997 levels – not current mass immigration levels. We CAN still have the ‘good’ benefits of immigration – skills, technology transfers, new ideas new resterants etc.. without the ‘negatives’ and drawbacks of mass immigration on our culture, laws and labour markets.

    We can still trade globally and have a high standard of living, without blowout deficits, despite what the sweating fat man shouts at us.

    In terms of politics this should actually be a core concern of the left which pertains to represent the labour factor of the economy. But because working class unions died out in the reforms of the 1980s and 90s all thats left funding the Labour party are 5 public sector unions, & they view if mass immigration that brings in higher taxes, thats good, and all that matters for thier members. Hence both the subject of the EU and Mass Immigration are dead to debate in Labour party ranks.

    UKIP is all thats left.

    BTW: The idea that UKIP is racist is ridiculouis, they have many promenent Black and Asian and minority members just like any other mainstream party.

    • You do realise that one of their “prominent” Asian members left the party because she received hateful and racist treatment while a part of it?

  4. Dude – what planet are you living on where you think that the economic downturn, which causes lower wages and forces the average age of people buying houses to rise, is caused by immigration? Er – global economic crash of 2008 ring any bells?
    Immigration is not the source of all our ills you know.
    And if UKIP is not racist, why are they not welcoming of other cultures which are already here? Immigration aside, we have plenty of settled people from other cultures and religions. UKIP never celebrates them and goes out of the way to argue that an influx of muslim people would be an intrinsically bad for the country, and for no other reason than that they are muslim. (see above)

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