Wii Look Silly Doing This

Monday was the day I was finally able to give Emmanuel (my French friend who lives in the next village) his Galaxy chocolate cake bars I’d bought back from the UK. I totally empathise with his craving for the little things like that. If I could, I’d attempt to get a few Boost bars and a truck-load of Cadbury’s chocolate over here.

Anyhow, Emmanuel’s mum is one heck of a cook and it’s not a balance between quality and quantity, she gives both in very liberal proportions. Thankfully, I didn’t have a class until 2:30 so I was able to sit down for a meal. When it was heard that I had been living in Lorraine for five months and hadn’t yet tried Choucroute, a choucroute was prepared in my honour.

Choucroute, for all you brits out there, is cabbage which is marinated in white wine, and then served with potatoes, and sausages. It is, without a doubt, fit. All ye nay-sayers out there be damned.

After lunch Emmanuel and I sat down to play a bit of Wii sports – or the Super Mario Wii Winter Olympics to be more exact. Some of the games are quite cool, my favourite being the snowball fight, but others are just a little odd.

Events such as ski jumping or snowboard racing involve the Wii balance board, the crazy contraption you stand on and shake yo’ booty about. Not only is a booty shake required but also a deft hand with the hand-held controller is also necessary as certain buttons are needed to be pressed in time with different jumps, to release power-ups and suchlike. As the game was in French and some of the said button pressing required timing, the game would inform me as to whether I was too early ‘trop tôt’ or too late ‘en retard’. More often than not I was a bit late and so I was reliably informed my the game that I was “un peu retard”. With me flailing about and making all sorts of gestures and sounds, I was inclined to agree with the games assessment of my mental health.



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