How To: Surprise People

As most of you know by now, I made a surprise visit to England for ten days and may I just tell you all that it was AWESOME! Over the course of these ten days lots and lots of fun things happened, not least the multiple surprise moments when I popped up where people least expected it.

Sunday’s Surprise

To make sure that Clare didn’t plan a quick visit to France over the half term, I told her that I was going to be in Berlin. This went down like a lead balloon but at least she believed it.

I swanned into church and it was quite fun to see Sefa do a double take. Her expressions told the story of: ‘hey here’s Andy… wait – here’s ANDY!’ and Jack’s jaw also dropped to his knees. A few hugs and how-are-yous later, I looked around for Clare.I waltzed into the room where she was with a very smug smile on my face. Her expression was priceless.

Needless to say, I was lauded as a great Valentine’s Day surprise even though both Clare and I hate Valentine’s Day… I don’t care – we both had a good time :)

Monday’s Surprise

Tuesday was to be my sister Lydia’s 18th birthday and my parents hadn’t told her that I’d be coming back for it. As she was away for the weekend, I didn’t get to see her until the Monday but when I walked in the door there was a look of definite puzzlement (does not compute) across her face. More hugs and how-are-yous later I sat down to dinner with my whole family – something I haven’t done since Christmas.

The Blue Surprise

Dan’s birthday was earlier in the week but Kay had scheduled the surprise Avatar party for the Friday and so Friday evening came with frantic Pandoran preparations. Not least of which were the fantastic decorations and the manic face-painting which ensued to turn 59 Garmoyle into James Cameron’s vision of the future. Well, at least one of them anyhow. There were no Aliens or Terminators at this party. I digress.

I bought some blue contact lenses to spice up my Na-vi look and the reactions were twofold. First there was a widening of the eyes and a quick jerk back of the head as people realised that my face was drastically different and then people settled into either one of two camps: "that looks really frickin’ scary" or "hmm that’s actually not bad…".

Anyhow – making sure that Dan didn’t find out was the hard part, we’d sent him on a date to see Avatar (for the fourth time) with Hannah Taylor but the film finished a little earlier than we’d expected, making Kay run round like a headless chicken. However, it all worked out in the end and when he walked into the room, we threw confetti at him and nigh-on gave him a heart attack. A job well done methinks. For the photo album, click here.


The Schoolmates Surprise

I arranged to go out to the pub with Hadi, Dave and Ste, a few friends from school on Sunday night and off to the pub we went, along with a host of other people. The four St Margaret’s alumni had a great time talking about Mr Smith and his hatred for all his pupils, the pranks we used to pull, and the general joy of messing about in Chemistry lessons. I thought the night was drawing to a close until Dave said that there were more St Maggie’s guys in Baa Bar in town. Cue epic impromptu night out with me, Dave, Katie, Kay, Aidan, Dave Smith, Fegan and Darren.

What did I learn from that night? Long Island Ice Teas although very tasty, are exactly as strong as you would expect if you actually read what goes into one.

Many more surprises were had over the 10 days, namely every time I saw someone I knew. Anyhow – ’twas t’rifficly fun to see you all. I’ll see you in May when you’re all stressed with exams.


This. Is. Awesome. So awesome in fact, that YouTube won’t let me post it here for some reason. Take a look at it here.


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