You Look Quite Fre- SHUT UP.

Ever since the first moment I saw my friends again, I’ve been bombarded with people inanely spewing sentences along the lines of "You look quite French." to which my reply is often an exasperated sigh or just a very, very dirty look.

What on earth do you mean, ‘I look French?’ OK so I’m wearing a hat. Big deal. And a scarf. Ground breaking I know. And I have stubble. Er, I’ve had stubble since I was 15…

I mean, please – can’t you tell the difference between these two images? That’s quite obviously me on the right left.


My flat cap (which, incidentally is from San Francisco. In California. In AMERICA) looks nothing like a beret!

Ok so my jacket is French, I’ll give you that. And yeah, my jeans were bought from a shop in France, and that shirt I was wearing on Sunday was also bought in France but these things don’t make me look French… do they? They do? Merde.

Anyhow, it’s getting a little old now so if you tell me that I look distinctly like a francophone then I’ll give you a short two worded reply. One of the words has four letters and the other has three.



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