Andy’s Bane

I was once asked "What’s the hardest thing about living in France?" and I replied "Mornings." Upon review, maybe this isn’t 100% accurate as the whole Clare not being here thing is far harder, but there’s nothing I can think of that messes with me, my head, and my sunny disposition as much as mornings do.

I’m not one of those people who say that they "don’t do mornings." Oh no, I’m part of the more honest group of people who say that we "CAN’T do mornings." There’s a difference.

Some people are bouncy in the mornings. If you’ve seen me before 11am you know that this is most certainly not the case with me. It’s not that I envy people who can be so chipper at 7am, heck I can’t focus on them for long enough to become envious. If you wake me up in the morning I will be conscious, but please don’t ask me to function without bringing me coffee or a very strong drink, or maybe you could just spike the coffee with something interesting and see if that does the trick. Even then you’ll have to leave me for an hour or so for me to be back in the mood not to blow your head off with a shotgun.

There are those of you who are reading this and thinking "What a lazy slob, he’s missing part of the day –make the most of your days you slacker!" and in response to such sentiment, I turn to the esteemed Oscar Wilde who wrote:

"Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast."

Oh yeah, so how do you like the new blog layout? The header picture at the top is the courtyard by Metz cathedral when we all went out to play Frisbee on Australia Day as mentioned in the blog Oz-tastic.



3 thoughts on “Andy’s Bane

  1. Agreed 100% Andy. If I can, I wake up as close to midday as possible and then literally stay up all night being “productive”. It’s crazy to think we used to be up and hard at work every day in school by 9am hahah! Where are you these days anyway? You’re not in France are you?


  2. Yep, I’m living in the north east of France near in a tiny town called Rombas nearby a city called Metz. It’s my year abroad for my uni degree. It’s pretty fun but I miss England like crazy.
    I’m teaching English in a French school and every Thursday starts with a 9am lesson which is slowly killing me!

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