The Big Five-Oh

This is it – my 50th blog! Can you believe it? Yes, of course you can. "Now Andy," I said to myself, "what can you blog about for it to merit the big five-oh spot on your blog?"

"Well Andy," I replied to myself, "several subjects come to mind now you mention it.

"And they are…?" I questioned.

"…um well, er *ahem* hmmm me?" I proposed rather tentatively.

"Well I could I suppose" I conceded, "but aren’t all my blogs about me to a lesser or a greater degree? Well, mostly to a greater degree but let’s not get picky here. I mean, don’t you think my lovely readers might want to read about something, or at least someone else every once and a while?"

"I did that blog on Stephen Fry didn’t I?" I retorted, quite indignant at my accusations of narcissism.

"That was on the 15th of November. And why on earth are you surprised at allegations of narcissism when you’re blogging a conversation which took place entirely inside your head?"

"Touché mon ami! Well, whatever this blog is about, I don’t want it to be too long do you? I mean, you do have a rather blatant tendency to drag on a bit you know."

"I drag on? You mean you drag on!"

"Yeah, you drag on, that’s what I said."

"You’re insufferable."

"You’re insane."

"Am not."

"You’ve just published an imaginary conversation with yourself to the whole world."

"That was you wasn’t it?"

"I rest my case."




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