"Pretty Good Company"

My first class was absolutely retarded this morning. I explained things to them, asked them simple questions in words of one syllable, asked if they understood and then stood back to the deafening sound of their ignorant silence. Not fun I tell you, not fun at all.

I was dreading my second class because I knew that they were the year below my first class and therefore less able to speak English. Thankfully it was just an introduction lesson of them asking me questions.

Into the classroom traipsed four twelve year olds all ready to quiz me on my favourite subject (me). I smiled and told them who I was and prepared myself for their questions: ‘Ave you any petsss? ‘Ave you any brozzerrr or sisterrr? do you ‘av a girlfren’? the usual.

But then my day changed. One of the four, a happy looking girl called Harmonie who reminded me of Franka Potente in The Bourne Identity, decided not to stick to the status quo when it came to her questions:

Are you a hairdresser?” I have absolutely no idea where this came from. My hair is blatantly un-coiffed and not three seconds previously I had told her that I was the English Assistant. Anything to keep me on my toes eh?

“Do you like looking at stars?” What a pretty question! This made me smile quite a bit. Yes Harmonie, I do like looking at stars, and thank you for reminding me of happy things.

“How many children do you have?” Although this wasn’t the first time I’ve been asked whether I’m married with children, this was the first time that the question already assumed that I had children and inquired as their number instead of merely asking whether I had any. Obviously in France once you leave your teens the storks appear to deliver your offspring.

She then proceeded to help the other three with their questions inquiring as to my health and my stance on animals (especially koalas).

When I began to ask the four of them questions about their favourite things, Harmonie chimed in to tell us all that her favourite meal of all time is a good steak and chips.

Sometimes, I really love this job.


When I heard that her name was Harmonie, Elton John’s song ‘Harmony’ came into my head (hence the title of this blog). I really adore this song and so that just added to my enjoyment of the lesson.


3 thoughts on “"Pretty Good Company"

  1. Koalas. That’s my favorite part. Who thinks of koalas?

    Since I’m rarely in class around here, I actually had classes ask me earlier this month if (1) I lived in France (2) if so, where (3) if I was on holidays in France (4) if I was working in France (5) if so, what did I do? The poor kids didn’t realize that I live in the school building over and my job was, in fact, to stand in front of them and answer their questions. ::sigh::

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