Wherefore dost thou blog?

You’ve noticed. I know you have. I like to blog. If you haven’t then you must be a new reader – welcome! Let’s be honest, those of you back in the UK thought that you’d be getting some peace from me for this academic year didn’t you? Well you can’t have been listening to me very closely because I distinctly remember telling you that I’d be spamming you every chance that I got. Hence this.

This is my 44th blog post and that’s not counting the 50 Facebook notes I’ve also written over the years. So some of you may be wondering just why, or how I blog so much. Others of you may be wondering when I’m going to stop. And so to answer your questions here we are – I’m going to give you the reasons why I blog and why I don’t plan to stop anytime in the near future.

I love it

The thing is, I just can’t stop blogging, or writing of any sort for that matter. I’m a junkie for the printed word, lucky for me I also manufacture my drug of choice.* Writing, as Terry Pratchett likes to say, is the most fun a person can have by themselves. I’m inclined to agree with him wholeheartedly.

There is little else that can beat transferring the thoughts of my head onto a screen or a piece of paper. It brings with it a sense of achievement and satisfaction that is not unlike just having performed on stage. The feeling that you get when your fingers lift off the last key and your foot alights from the sustain pedal and you lift up your head to applause is very similar to when I touch the full stop for the last time in a blog. It’s also really fun and engaging to find and use new words, new ways of saying things. I once wrote that

“I love words. It is undeniably liberating and life-enhancing to experience the joy of a thesaurus. [My] sentences take on a whole new sphere of meaning and I can have so much fun just by talking.” (Facebook Note On a more positive note…)

This is still as true as it was back then. Even if it’s just talking, I can have fun with words. So in writing, where you can correct, redraft, look up, define, redefine, expound and create it’s just so much more of an irresistible experience.

I’m different from you

On the surface this is an incredibly obvious observation. Of course I’m different from you – everybody is different from each other. Nobody is the same. That’s one of the things that make people interesting to other people. However it’s also the reason why people sometimes don’t get other people.

I’m a guy of many facets, I say this not to boast as if I’m perfectly honest so are many people. I’m not trying to get one up on you all by claiming that I’m “more unique” than other people. For one thing that would be philosophically impossible – how can anything be “more unique”? It’s a contradiction in terms. What I’m trying to say is that because I realise that I have many sides I also realise that other people have different sides and facets. This also makes me realise that not everybody is going to get me all of the time.

Sometimes to counter this I keep parts of myself under wraps to make things easier and not push people away in any way. However in doing this I feel as if there is a lot of me that can seem quite random and out of place at times. So I write this blog to portray a more rounded picture of myself, warts and all as Cromwell would say, to my friends and anybody who wants to get to know me.

I love being open and honest

As you might have derived from the previous point or from the All You Need To Know About Andy section (new bit just added FYI) I like being open with people. Some people more than others sure, but I do love a bit of a heart’s outpouring at times. I love talking to my friends and being interested in their lives and also letting other people into my life.

I always love to be honest and frank and in some ways this blog is a way in which I feel that I’m being honest and open with myself as much as with anybody who reads it.

It clears my head

There’s so much stuff going on in this noggin of mine, most of it utterly useless I can assure you, that I just have to get some things out of my system. Thoughts and ideas fly around my head as fast as bullets and I quite like some of them and so I pick them out, type them up and then you read them.

Often you’ll find me monologing to myself about this or that and getting quite heated in the process – don’t worry, it’s just me going through my next blog in my head. If an idea or question is occupying my brain I’ll try and get it out there, not only because I find it interesting and hope you will too, but because it helps me think it through and crystallise it into an actual logical train of thought.

I think you should know

Not only do I blog to clear my head but I also actually think what I write is interesting. (I know right? How big headed am I?)

If I stumble across some good music, an interesting video, get asked an interesting or searching question or maybe come across a few people who are thinking along the same lines, I’ll throw it out there so that more of you can benefit from it’s interestingnessness.

Granted there are some times when I just blog for the sheer joy of blogging and don’t really give a monkey’s whether you find it interesting or not but that’s not all the time.

Also for you lovely people back in Blightly whom I miss so much, I promised to keep you up to speed on what I’m getting up to out here in the land of frogs. That’s why my blog sometimes reads as a diary – just to keep you up to date.


So there you have them, the reasons why I blog. Thank you to all you most excellent people who stop to read what I spew out so often. Glad I could be a distraction to you for just a few minutes.

*Points if you can identify what film that slightly modified quote is from..


The Office, where awkward reigns supreme.


2 thoughts on “Wherefore dost thou blog?

  1. Wonder Boys. I love Michael Chabon, he’s my favorite. I wish I had my copy of Wonder Boys here so that I could comment back with one of my favorite lines from the book. Alas, I cannot.

    You must read Kavalier & Clay if you haven’t yet. Otherwise, I have Mysteries of Pittsburgh with me here in France that I can share with you. Also a good one. It’s currently floating around Nancy somewhere, but I can call it back in if you’re interested.

    Also, if you’ve only watched the movie and not the book, ::sigh::. To the movie’s credit, it remains ridiculously true to book – there are only two scenes in the movie that are played differently than the book. Still, the book is amazing. Chabon is amazing.

  2. Yay! Another Wonderboys fan! Back home, only my friend Ian and I like the film.
    He’s read the book and he keeps on recommending it to me so I’ll have to requisition a copy from back home some time.

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