Shivering for Chivalry

100_0155 Friday night saw a few of us assistants descend upon Saarbrucken once more. This time, there were more of us which made things even more fun! James, Geraldine, Laura, Becky, Anne and Anne’s German flatmate were the happy party and we had quite the epic night of fun-ness.

There are a few events only a few of us of the group experienced though and so I thought that I’d share these fun accounts just for your reading pleasure.

The Peanut:

Stepping out of the bathroom in Anne’s apartment, I closed the door and turned to walk towards the sink to wash my hands. It was at this point that Geraldine threw a peanut at me.

That’s right. A peanut. She just took it and threw it squarely at my chest with all the force that can be mustered behind a peanut. I was so shocked at this quite surreally random event, I just stood there like a lemon while she cracked up laughing. It seems that Geraldine + alcohol = mischievous Geraldine.

The Coat:

Leaving the club, I placed Anne in the queue to get back her coat and then ran off downstairs to see where James and Geraldine had gone. After saying bye to them, I turned back towards the entrance of the club to see Anne stood there, coatless and looking very lost. She said something about someone else having her coat so I assumed that Simone had taken it back with her.

To stop Anne from freezing to death, I gave her my jacket. That’s right folks, chivalry still lives on in this blogger! I was feeling quite warm and I had two long sleeved things on so I expected that I would be fine.

Upon reaching the train station Anne reached into her pocket and pulled out the token for her coat (which was now quite obviously still at the club) with a slightly puzzled look on her face. It was as if the phrase “Does not compute” was running through her head. I sighed and took the token off her. This was going to be an interesting chaperoning experience.

As we had to wait for over an hour in the station, what residual warmth that was in my body decided to take its leave. I resorted to hugging whomever was nearest to me to keep my body temperature above freezing. Becky lent me her scarf and mittens, which did a very good job but I was still dying not so slowly of hypothermia.

Upon arriving back in Forbach (I’d decided that attempting to get back to Metz in my current state was a bad idea) we still had a fifteen minute walk through the snow covered streets with a cold wind to boot.

Anne and I rushed ahead to try and get me to the warmth of her flat as soon as possible but traversing slippery snow when inebriated is as hard as it sounds.

We eventually arrived at Anne’s and I had no idea that an unheated corridor could feel so blissfully warm! My fingers decided to begin feeling again and I stopped shivering eventually but my brain was so addled I just couldn’t make a single decision at all.

The Humiliation:

Ok so this was by no means the most humiliating thing to happen all night but it was still humbling. Laura, Anne, Becky and myself were sitting against a pillar in the train station and some rather sozzled Germans got the idea into their heads that we were homeless. Seriously, they would not stop throwing loose change at us! Most of it was negligible but I’d take the guess that at least two Euros was scattered around our general vicinity by the time they were finished. Then one of them came up from behind the pillar and held his face far too close to Anne’s for our liking so Becky chased him off.

The Munchies:

As Bill Bailey says: “after wine… man must have a massive snack”. Feeling peckish, we pooled our remaining change and I went to the bakery in the station to get some croissants and a sandwich. I was just about to order when as stealthily as a ninja, Anne appeared at my shoulder pointing at some random pastry and saying “I want that one.”

We sat down to engage in the eating of these delights. Laura was feeling the worse for wear and decided to go to make friends with a toilet bowl. Before going, she handed her croissant to Anne who speedily wolfed it down along with her croissant and the other random pastry and the odd bite of my sandwich. When Becky couldn’t finish her croissant, Anne finished it. When Becky went to buy me another sandwich and two more croissants, guess who ate some of my sandwich and both croissants? Yeah, Anne. That girl makes me laugh.



I actually think that these little kids were far more in tune than we were when we tried a karaoke rendition of Don’t Stop Believin’ in Anne’s flat. Poor little guy in the middle, he looks so lost.


One thought on “Shivering for Chivalry

  1. 1) I forgot about that peanut. Truly, you should just be glad that I didn’t throw the whole handful of peanuts in your direction. I had enough sense to realize that picking up one thrown peanut was easier than several.

    2) Anne is my hero. haha.

    3) Those kids in the PSV are cute. The center kid does look very lost though. On the other hand, I do love how the girl knows to emphasize “born and raised in SOUTH DETROIT!” like all us metro Detroiters.

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