Les Soldes De Metz

In the UK we have Ja100_0081nuary sales, and sales in February, and March, and April and every other month. We have a sale when we’re bored. We have sales because we want to have sales. We have sales because sales are nice. Sales keep us sane. Sales stop the general populace revolting. The French seem not to have figured this out yet (hence the Fifth Republic) and so the French limit their sales. These rustics are so inept* that sales in France can only be held in either January or July for a maximum of five weeks. How crazily odd is that? (Thanks to Geraldine for providing this info).

Being happy clappy assistants who like to spend lots of money, we all decided to sample said sales (soldes) and fritter away our paycheques on whatever took our fancy.100_0112

Sadly because of the fresh snowfall that day, a number of the assistants weren’t able to make it to the sales with us – we missed you all! So me, Geraldine, Anne and Becky had a tour around with wide eyes and cold ears.

Metz looks quite pretty with all the snow. Granted, this snow turned more and more into disgusting slush as the day wore on but it was pretty when we first got off the train. I mean, just look at these photos! We were hopping around on the central reservation to snap a load of shots of the snow on the hedges and it’s a wonder we didn’t end up on our behinds in the slush.

After having an unsuccessful nose around Gallerie Lafayette, we stopped for lunch and – oh sheer joy that this is – they had Ben & Jerry’s on sale! Needless to say, I made full use of this lovely fact. I asked for Chocolate Fudge Brownie but when I was handed Cookie Dough, I wasn’t about to complain was I?


To my delight, Fnac (the frog euqivalent of HMV/Borders/Waterstones) had a fantastic deal on their CDs. It was €7 for one and €20 for four. It was a hard decision to make. Which four of this plethora of excellent CDs would I purchase? I finally decided upon Amy Winehouse ‘Back To Black’, Scissor Sisters ‘Ta-Dah’, Joss Stone ‘The Soul Sessions’, and Eric Clapton ‘Unplugged’. These were albums I’d been wanting for absolutely ages and I was pretty happy with those finds. However I did have to leave behind some Diana Krall and some huge box sets of Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald AND Louis Armstrong, Billie Holliday and Django Reinhart which pained me.

Then after some clothes shopping fun, I somehow ended up in Virgin (Yes folks, it’s still open in France, along with C&A) where they also had the four CDs for €20 deal going on. Feeling obliged to partake of such a steal, we scoured the CD racks and eventually ended up with four more CDs. Three for me: Alicia Keys ‘Songs In A Minor’, Sigur Ros ‘( )’, and Fleetwood Mac’s Greatest Hits and then one for Geraldine: Norah Jones ‘Not Too Late’ which I will probably steal from her in the near future.

All in all, this was a very successful shopping trip. So much new music will doubtless keep me occupied for a while though I have the sneaking suspicion that it’s just made me want to buy more… Assistants – I charge you with keeping me away from Fnac for the next few weeks. Otherwise you’ll find me a homeless bum on the streets. Granted I’ll be a homeless bum with some kick-ass tunes in my ears but homeless nonetheless.

*That’s your cryptic film quote for this blog. Extra bonus points if you can finish the sentence and say the next one.


Sorry for the bad quality of this but it just begs to be shown everywhere.


One thought on “Les Soldes De Metz

  1. Mmmm… Fnac. I fear there will be another trip in the near future, so please don’t expect me to keep you out of that wonder of goodness. Haha.

    As for the PSV… I would forgive the woman if she said Pluto… but the moon?! The MOON?! Did she grow up on the moon?! Yikes!

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