Guilty Pleasure #4438

Yeah… sooooooo I wasn’t going to blog just yet but I’ve had a very fun time on YouTube. Again.

So you all know that I’m a YouTube junkie and a music junkie and I now confess to practically surviving almost solely on YouTube music in my stay in France. Tonight I was trawling YouTube for some more tracks from Glee (I’m such a Gleek) and I discovered these two YouTube accounts. One made me laugh and dance with joy and the second made my jaw drop to the floor in amazement. Don’t feel obliged to watch all of the videos, just get a taster, subscribe to them and then get bitesize doses of their brilliance.

1: hippieslaya123

Ok, so it’s a bit of an odd name but let’s just get past that for a minute. I was looking for new renditions of Glee’s version of Journey’s song ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ which was brilliantly arranged for the show (as a die hard Journey fan you can trust me that it was a fantastic rendition of the song on the show and not another X-Factor type rip off) and then I found these guys. I wasn’t quite sure why they were in such a state of undress but these qualms were blown away by their awesome. Talk about lipsynching and miming, these guys are not afraid to go there! Jiving around the room, they so totally rock. Here are some videos of theirs:

Party In The USA – Miley Cyrus

This one is awesome if just for the parts when the lyric “party in the USA” appear – they make the letters with their arms YMCA style!


Don’t Stop Believin’ – written by Journey, performed by the cast of Glee

What can I say? Their commitment is quite laudable.

Breaking Free – High School Musical

Can you feel the sarcasm? It’s palpable.


2: goonieman86

Ok, yet another suspect internet moniker but Nick Pitera is just pure talent I tell you! I saw this guy do a collab video with another music group and I thought “Yeah, he’s pretty cool – good voice etc” and then I saw that he had a video of him covering ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’. Now, I have quite an unhealthy love for that song so naturally, I was straight there. I expected a masculine take on Eva Cassidy or something of that nature. I got something quite different. Here is a guy who can sing in the same register as our dear Eva and still sound convincingly breathtaking. This is even more unsettling/amazing when he sings a song with both male and female solos because he switches from a man voice to a girl voice with surprising alacrity and is just so brilliant, it’s a little hard to put into words. Observe for yourselves:

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Wow. Just… wow.


A Whole New World – From Aladdin

This video has way over 15million views. It’s not hard to believe when you hear him switch between Aladdin and Jasmine’s solos. Incredible.


Lean On Me – written by Bill Whithers, as arranged for the cast of Glee

I thought I’d give you some more stuff from Glee, but as performed by one guy’s voice.


Are you clapping with joy yet? Is there a smile of happiness on your face? Hmmm yes, that’s what I thought.*

So there we have it. Yet more evidence that YouTube is great and that I am sadly addicted to musicals. And yes, I do realise that this whole blog post is very very gay, I just don’t care.

*Extra Brownie points for those of you who can tell me who I’m quoting there. Leave your answers in the comments :)


3 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure #4438

  1. Love that you put Nick Pitera on here. I came across him on YouTube a few years ago and had forgotten about him. Thanks for the reminder! I procrastinated a lot of projects youtubing this wonder of a talent. Tonight, it was much the same.

    Also, I will eventually get one of your, I assume, film line references… until then, I await the next challenge. lol.

  2. Haha, if there was a like button on wordpress I would definitely use it right now. However, I was so shocked not to find any mention of KurtHugoSchneider.. how did you miss his musical genious?! ha.

    I’m hoping it is a genuine mistake, or you haven’t heard him yet, or he is mentioned somewhere else in this treasure chest you call a blog. :)

    Much Love Bro.

    Paul x

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