My Readers Are Strange People

As you probably don’t know, I can see everything anyone types into the search bar at the top of my blog. This has provided me with endless amusement over the last couple of weeks, indeed months, as some of you who read this blog are just plain odd.

Let me list below just some of the incriminating search topics as searched for by YOU:

  • Lady GaGa’s ass. This one crops up unnervingly frequently. Is it just one guy searching for it?
  • Lady GaGa’s parents. Bizarre but I’ll let this one slide.
  • Santa kitty. You want to dress a kitten in a Santa costume? Sick minded animal torturer.
  • Midget kittys. As if the last one wasn’t odd enough, the searcher wants to see dwarf kittens now. You need help whoever you are.
  • Lady GaGa fun. Do I want to read anything into this?
  • Pomplamoose. Or indeed, anything Pomplamoose related. As this pops up so often it has led me to believe that some people are incapable of working their internet browser. Seriously – just bookmark their YouTube channel here’s the link.
  • Kitty in Santa helper costume. If this person ever has a run in with the RSPCA, I fear for their safety.
  • Midget Santa. Words fail me.
  • Slave with gun. Is this some odd reference to my blog Dear Santa?
  • The Angel Sang for sab chorus with organ accompaniment you tube. Surely there’s a website called Google still working? And when will people learn that YouTube is one word?

Pretty freaky eh? Bet some of you are really embarrassed now! I wish I could see your faces.

In other Andy news, my return to the lovely England has a distinct question mark over it because of the large amounts of snow that have fallen. Let’s just hope and pray that train drivers and pilots can muddle through the white landscape that France has become.

See you soon. Ish. I hope.



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