Oh Holy!

So… I wasn’t planning on giving you another blog just yet, but this needs to be said.

As you know, last week I gave you my top five Christmas songs and although I did consider putting ‘Oh Holy Night’ in there, I found that after looking for a bit, I couldn’t find a version of the song to merit it a place in my top five. I mean, it’s a cool song but most versions are pretty mediocre with a good bit for the chorus. Nothing to write home about if I’m honest.

Then. Oh then. I discovered that the sensational Mariah Carey has a cover of ‘Oh Holy Night’. To say that I liked it would be an understatement. It still didn’t rate in my top five though.

Until. Oh until. I found this live version with a full choir and a Hammond organ. Not to mention her one-in-a-billion-people’s five octave range. When she sang the line “Fall on your knees” I did – I heard that angel voice! I dare you to watch this and for your mouth not to drop open at some of the notes she hits.

I mean, not only does she have a fantastic dress on, she looks stunning – if not just a little bit smug, as if she knows that she’s about to blow everyone’s socks off. Not a single note disappoints, nor does a gesture fall short. Here is true and pure, genuine, unadulterated, bona fide, sincere* musical talent – come bow before it mere mortals:

To preserve copyright (I’m guessing) I can’t post the video here but if you click play, it should give you the link to the video on YouTube.

*Here I use the word sincere in its original context: During the Renaissance sculptors were everywhere but true talent was hard to find. Most people would use wax to cover up their mistakes. Only a master sculptor could sculpt without wax and so to denote such works of brilliance, they used the term “sin cere” – meaning ‘without wax’. The word sincere was then used to mean that nothing was artificially added to a work (such as modern music often resorts to) but that it was wholly the artist’s talent.


To quote Ian: “I lol’d at this, I might have even rofl’d.”


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