Don’t Go There?

When does honesty become the quality which defines a jackass? Does speaking one’s opinion denote a douche bag? Why can’t some people take an opinion as an opinion? These are all questions that have been flying around my brain recently.

Picture the scene: I hear (or indeed read) something stupid or annoying or just plain wrong. My brain disagrees with whatever I’ve heard or read. My brain formulates a sarcastic and possibly scathing reply. My pseudo-conscience wakes up and says “nah nah nah – I don’ like that one. If you can’t say nothing nice, don’t say nothing at all.” My brain implodes from the bad grammar and crappy ‘moral’ dilemma with which I am faced.

Is it bad to retort with sarcasm when someone is being a whiney whinge bag or just plain thick? I mean, come on – the fact that they’ve said something which I denote as that idiotic probably means that they won’t pick up on the insult so… why not?

Let’s face it – my opinion exists no matter what anybody thinks, says or does. It is mine, it is part of me and I agree with it for the most part. I am grown up enough to realise that my opinion is not the same as everybody else’s and that there is no such thing as a correct opinion.*

So if I were to hypothetically maybe possibly subtly and sarcastically insult your intelligence, would you take offence?

Sadly the truth of the matter is that if I did deliver an insult, people would think “That’s not very nice” or suchlike. This is now the sentence where I’m supposed to declare that “I don’t care what people think” which, as everybody knows, is a load of jarg. *cue segue onto next topic* Everybody cares what other people think, no matter what they say. Sure, some have learned to care less or not care what people think about certain things but I don’t really believe that there’s a person out there who can truthfully claim not to care what anybody thinks.

I feel that I care less about what people think of some parts of me than most people. (I’ll leave you some breathing space to work through that sentence, it screwed my head up for a good 5 minutes)

However, I really do care that people don’t go around thinking that I’m a douche bag. Or at least, I do some of the time.

I think that the truth is, I care what some people think. But generally if you merit a scathing retort from me I couldn’t give a monkey’s what you think**. What I worry about is someone who I do care what they think of me reading or hearing what I say to someone who I don’t care what they think of me and then thinking that I’m a jackass.

Enlightenment. It’s a curse sometimes.



*Part of me desperately wants to add the sentence “Unless it’s my opinion.” after that. I deserve a medal for restraining myself. 

** And here I want to add the sentence “Because you obviously can’t.”


Pole dancing isn’t for everyone.


One thought on “Don’t Go There?

  1. hi there… i just ran into this blog, and i’m glad i did. i think we share the same sentiments about caring less about other people’s opinion. i have come to a point that i only value my own opinion. i believe i have stable and just reasoning that other people’s opinion about me don’t matter.

    On the other hand, i have also realized that while i dont care much about what people think, objectivity in giving criticisms and judgments is important. we can always say “why are you so much affected? my opinion doesn’t have to be your truth.” this is most likely true. but the question is, were we objective when we blurted out that criticism? is our purpose in giving that criticism constructive or just? or is it just our intention to offend? sometimes, we also have to introspect…


    just my two cents.. =)

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