It’s 2000 an’ frikin’ 9 man!

I cannot believe what I just saw on YouTube. I know I rave about the greatness of the YouTube community and I don’t want to deny any of that but, as we all know, there are some really retarded people out there.

In the YouTube community, and in social media in general, they are known as ‘haters’. They appear, in my imagination, as yuppy rednecks, wearing wife beaters and with the grades to spell fudge. Usually their comments are along the lines of “your gay” [sic]; to which we, the enlightened of the social media, like to reply “my gay what?”.

Occasionally however, there comes along a particularly dense individual, as far down the evolutionary tree as Darwin could place him. These douche bags sadly do not stay in social media and on the web in general though, they’re just about everywhere.

We’ve all just been entertained by the slapstick performance of Nick “I-don’t-like Jews-or-blacks-or-browns-or-yellows-or-immigrants-or-foreigners-or-peoplewhobeliveintheholocaust-or-mixedrace-or-gays-or-lesbians-or-bisexuals-or-transvestites-or-transgenders-or-anybodywhoisdifferenttome” Griffin on BBC’s Question Time. The people I am writing about are all of his ilk.

Picture the scene, you’re talking to somebody I’m going to hope you don’t know that well, and they make a racist or homophobic remark just as if they’re giving the time of day. Our brains go into slight overdrive as we suddenly realise that we have two choices. For some reason we always seem to take the ‘diplomatic’ way out, so as not to offend the poor inbred hic. We grimace politely and excuse ourselves.


The scene really should go like this:

Nick Griffin’s No.1 Fan: [insert retarded sentence]

You: Whoa! Whoa! Hold up. What did you just say?

NGn1F: –

You: Shut up you [racist/homophobe/moron] – it’s 2000 and frickin’ 9 man! Get a grip, you’re sick and delusional. You’re a disgrace to the psychotic lowlife community. People are [black/asian/foreign/gay/different] get over it. Do yourself and the world a favour by eating your shotgun.

Yet, why is it that we always choose the “nice” way out? It’s letting them think that they’re somehow not brain-dead.

I now hereby declare that I, Andrew Stephen Taylor, will not let such phrases slide by me in future and that I will do my best to take to task anybody who makes any such remark.

I don’t often write such seriousness in my blogs but I really got wound up tonight and I thought it should be said.

Suck it haters.

***EDIT*** I realise that I may not have been totally clear in this – the video below is NOT what annoyed me, it’s just something that is related and quite funny. What annoyed me was a hater comment***



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