Updates, Wanderings, Cathedrals, Clare and Questions

The above title is misleading in its chronology. This is because I wanted it to be. So there.

Clare is here in France! Woop woop! (or w00t for you nerds out there) So we’ve been to see some stuff. Aren’t we the adventurous couple? Today we went to Metz and wandered round for a bit. In our wanderings, we paid a visit to Metz’s Cathedral, the one you can see in the picture, and as you can very obviously see – it is fantabulous. From outside, it has a crazy abundance of flying buttresses and gargoyles, towers and spires and lots of knobly bits everywhere. Very Germanical. Inside, it’s a huge big empty space which is cool. It’s not as huge and emptily spaced as Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral but it was still impressive. Awesome stained glass windows are everywhere. Well, I say everywhere, but they mostly stuck to the walls, they didn’t go a-wandering about the nave or sneaking into the confession boxes.

After being suitably impressed with this churchiness, we went for a drink in Place Saint Jacques. A square I’m really beginning to love. Then we took a look or two at all the pretty and narrow streetlets about the place. They are numerous and labyrinthical. I’m not sure why I’m inventing so many new words in this blog. I thought it the thing to do.

I really would love to have a camera to show you all these little wonders but alas I am sorely lacking in that department. This I plan to rectify after payday.

Tomorrow we’re going to Amnéville, and I think we might take a trip to Luxembourg or Nancy on Wednesday.

As far as updates go, I’ve decided (for some odd reason) to chronicle my life in the ‘All You Need To Know About Andy’ section. This will take some time seeing as I have 20 years to cover so I’ll keep hollering at you when I’ve added a new section. So far I’ve covered about up until I started school. Yes, this is yet more shameless self-promotion but I don’t care. And for those of you who were wondering: yes, I do find myself incredibly interesting and hi-larious and no, I don’t care what you think on this topic though feel free to let your vitriol and invective fly in the comments.

Also – a question! I find myself fascinated by The Game (yes, you just lost, my condolences) and I’d really like to know just how many of you intrepid readers are players of the game (did I just make you lose again? How clumsy of me). Please please please leave a comment saying that you play, or don’t, I’m incredibly inquisitive as to this matter for some unknown reason.

As always, thank you for reading and have a nice life.


Be entertained!


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