Preparation For Royalty

I think I just insulted Burnley

I think I just insulted Burnley

Clare’s coming to Rombas! Yayness of the highest order. However, as a severely messy person, I’ll have to rearrange some of the mess I think.

I also have to actually sort out definitively the best way to get to Metz. Although it’s a fantastic city, I’ve only been there twice and both times, for different reasons than to go sightseeing and bar hopping.

First thing to sort out – how the hell do you composte those little yellow train tickets? For those of you who aren’t familiar with the French rail system, it works like this: you buy a ticket, you put the ticket in a machine to date stamp it, you get on the train and everyone is happy. If you don’t composte your ticket, you could land yourself with a hefty fine. Give me a big old ticket and everything’s hunky dory, just shove it into the little machine, no problemo. The lil’ yellow ones though – they’re a nightmare for me. I’ve stood at the machine for a good 5 minutes trying different ways in which to insert the ticket but it wouldn’t have any of it. I’m sure I’ll figure it out next time though.

Second thing to sort out – I need a map of Metz. I know my way around a bit but I would greatly appreciate a map. The big map of the city that’s up in the train station is useless because it doesn’t have a “You are here” arrow, it’s just a map of the city. Very nice to look at I’m sure but it does sod all to help me.

That’s all for now, I’m off to Metz to sort all this out. w00t!

P.S. for those of you who wanted poetry, I’m afraid I’ll have to cancel all that as it’s practically impossible to get any sort of spacing right on this thing. And that screws up all my stuff.



2 thoughts on “Preparation For Royalty

  1. if you’re composting one of those small tickets that you get out of the blue ticket machines… you have to slide the ticket into the left side of the slot in the yellow composter thing to get it to stamp. the regular sized tickets take up the whole slot so it doesn’t matter what you do to them. i’ve spent several minutes of my life standing in front of these things trying to use my non-existent jedi powers to get my ticket composted. i end up flipping the ticket around all kinds of ways, but eventually it works! lol.

  2. just about to the say the same thing as Geraldine. I never bothered processing my tickets because the machine always beeped angrily at me and scared me. Then I stopped to read what it was actually saying. If you put it in on the left then it calms down :) and tourist office in Metz should be able to provide you with maps a plenty.

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