Welcome To My Blog’s New Home!

After fighting with Blogspot.com for too long about the incredible thinness of my page, I have decided to uproot myself and migrate to wordpress.com.

This place is really cool – I can add polls:

And I can have a ‘lil picture o’ me in the address bar – how cute!

Hope you like the autumnal feel to this page, I might change it as things go along. Apparently you can rate each blog which is mega coolios in my book, but I have the strange premonition that it’ll just be me and Clare clicking 5 stars all the time.

I think I’ll be adding a more varied content to this blog – poetry and the like. I’ve been hiding the majority of my poetry away for a while now, with the exception of ‘The Best People’ which was published on Facebook. I’ll add that to the end of this for those of you who didn’t get to read it. Yes this is shameless self promotion, and I don’t care. I like to view writing poetry like being able to play an instrument: It’s easier kept to yourself, but more rewarding when shared.

I’ve also been thinking about adding some film reviews, though I’d have to think that one through quite a bit I think…

Anyhow – thanks for stopping by, and stay classy! << Shameless Anchorman quote.

No video now but for those of you who didn’t get to see it before, here’s ‘The Best People’. And by the way, please vote in that poll – it’s a question that has always bothered me.


The best people my love, are the ones who don’t have to try.
From their inner seat they see -look –
-hers is the essence of serenity.

Cool, sleek not a thought on the surface the
still, still  pond of her consciousness only disturbed by the
drop, drip drowning beneath the
waves, she waves.

Slow-island-ly it’s his turn to speak and
velvet pours  from his lips-and
Not a word is lost in the mind – hand-
of his grasp of meaning.

Be the water, the velvet, the one
who doesn’t try.
If the water is rippled and the velvet mere thread
then let us surf on the peaks of the waters and
abseil on the strength of your words to
that place,
a better place.
yours alone is the image.


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