Aside from being a rather humorous translation (albeit inexpertly spelled) of the word ‘grapefruit’, Pomplamoose is an American couple who make fantabulous music on YouTube. Subscribe to them here at http://http://www.youtube.com/user/PomplamooseMusic .

Yes, that’s right – subscribe to them! “Oh but Andy, you can subscribe to people on YouTube? What does that mean?”

It’s quite simple really, lots of people are now vlogging (the video version of this thing you’re reading), creating and promoting music, doing funny crazy stuff, and generally being quite cool.

I’ve mentioned stuff like this in my previous blog I Have No Life? where I lauded the talents of both Philip De Franco and Alan Distro, stalwarts of the YouTube community.

When most people think of YouTube, they tend to only be aware of its capacity to show impossibly hilarious videos, such as this one:

Or maybe perhaps ones more like these:

But I usually prefer videos with a little more personality to them. Take Jake and Amir for example. Here are two guys who work for College Humor (pardon the American spelling), a site which makes brilliantly funny videos and also posts these videos on YouTube. Jake and Amir form a comedy duo who make regular episodes documenting Amir’s utter lack of higher brain functions. Although videos like those posted above can be (and quite frequently are) great and really funny, I really enjoy a good comedy duo and here is one – on YouTube. I also love their channel as it comes with all the other brilliant College Humor videos. Sadly I can’t post a Jake and Amir video here as YouTube doesn’t allow it, but here a link to their site.

Another style of YouTube which I adore is that of vlogging. Vlogging is essentially (for those of you who hadn’t worked this out yet) a video blog. There are loads of vloggers out there so to get noticed, as Charlie Macdonald has done, is no easy task. Charlie, or charlieissocoollike as he is otherwise known, currently has 203,212 subscribers to his channel and has had (the last time I checked) 5,704,532 views to his channel. This means that his videos have clocked up an accumulative 5,704,532 views – and he’s only just 19!

From humble beginnings of short videos of how to make tea and how to be English:

To his now BBC worthy quest to get a song in the UK top 40 with three of his friends (who are also stories of great accomplishments themselves). Click here for that video. My ultimate favourite videos of Charlie’s however are his subscriber task videos. In these, Charlie performs a random task as given to him by a subscriber such as ‘paint yourself purple’

But maybe one of the best types of YouTube users, or at least the most exciting, are the YouTubers who make music. These are often just random teens with a guitar and a video camera and they often come up with some of the most brilliant music I’ve ever heard. I’ve spoken before about Raven Zoë (whose album is fantastic by the way), here she is with one of my favourite songs of hers (P.S. She’s the girl…)

Yet, as the title and opening paragraph of this blog suggest, my favourite music makers on YouTube have to be Pomplamloose. Here’s a link to a website where they have posted a load of their music FOR FREE! Nataly and Jack make a brilliant musical coupling, Nataly with her ethereal beauty which is somehow translated in to her voice and Jack with his ability to play just about any instrument on God’s green earth. And finally, here’s a video of theirs which will show you just why I love them so much. Not only do they make good music, they also have a quirky sense of humour…

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little introduction to the YouTube community. Go and explore YouTube – there’s something for everyone.


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