The Crazies Are Coming.

New York is full of crazies. Every day, we will see somebody do something a little odd. Or a lot odd.
Here are some of the people we’ve run into so far:

Exhibit A: Pot Girl
We got on a bus home and near the end of the journey, a girl staggered on giggling herself senseless. She came up to us and said “I’ve smoked soooo much weed, I feel like I’m on an airplane” She then proceeded to go round each of the seven other passengers on the bus enquiring as to whether they smoked weed. The funniest part was when she shouted said question to an old man at the front of the bus, when he failed to reply she repeated it louder. Failing to illicit a response, she came out with the brilliant phrase “Yeah he smokes weed”.
Getting off the bus, she tried to sell us some weed and give us her number. We declined.

Exhibit B: Rat Man
There is a man who walks round New York city with a rat on his head. ‘Nuff said.

Exhibit C: Creepy Puppet Music Man
In the Subway there was an old man busking. This wasn’t just any busking though, this was creepy paedo puppet busking with a no-tooth smile and a hunchback.

This city is fun.

Ignore the last half of the video as she’s talking to her subscribers :)


One thought on “The Crazies Are Coming.

  1. you'll be glad to know that i AM envious. but my joy at finding another person i no on blogger outweighs my envy. woohoo! hope the good tyms continue pour vous, keep blogging! :D

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