New York, New York

We took the 7 train into Manhattan today. As we got closer and closer, the train circled round the city so we got a fantastic panorama of the city skyline.

It was fit.

Stepping out of the subway station, we were confronted with the Chrysler Building. That thing is immense! Mind you, almost every building in the city gives you a crick in the neck if you try to see the top. Hopefully we’ll be going to the top of the Rockerfeller centre, one of the taller buildings in Manhattan, on of the evenings this week to see the city at night from on high.

Time Square, dear reader, is phenomenal. The lights dazzled me and I was immediately seduced by them. I love this city.

Then on to Central Park (with a quick stop by Elmo for good measure) we witnessed some frankly dazzling street break dancing (videos to follow).

New York is fantabulous. You know it is. So do I. The only difference is that I’m only a train ride away from the place. You have the Atlantic to cross over.

Thanks for your continued love and envy.

P.S.V. (Post Script Video)


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