New York State of Mind

Tomorrow (Wednesday the 29th of July), Luke and I will jet off to the land of obesity, intolerance and cheeseburgers. We will be leaving this miserable summer behind and be sunning ourselves on the choicest of beaches New York State has to offer and then travelling to San Francisco on the 9th of August to complete our trip with another week and a half in “The City”.

You are not invited on this trip of awesomeness.

You may however, choose to browse the numerous photos, videos and blogs that will be appearing on my facebook page.

As the purchase of alcohol is restricted to those over the age of 21. Sadly we will not be visiting late night bars cruising for ladieeeees. In N.Y. (we’re on abbreviated terms now) there are many late night coffee shops where we will cruise for heart palpitations and wide eyed enthusiasm.

San Francisco, or “The City” as it is called, is the city where I will celebrate my 20th birthday. Go me for staying alive this long.

Anywhoooo – stay posted to feel envious. Yes, I am lauding this over you just to make you feel slightly jealous. It’s very fun to do so.

Adios – have a nice life in England while I get a fantastic tan in the States.

P.S.V (Post Script Video)

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