Music Monday 20th July 2009

As the vast majority of you know, I ADORE music. No seriously, I’m a junkie for the musicness. So it brings me great joy to stumble across brilliant new people who make my drug of choice. No, not caffeine, alcohol, films or tobacco (though it’s always nice to find those people) I mean people who make sweet sweet music.

First off is Raven Zoe, who you should listen to just for her awesome name. I discovered Raven on YouTube.

Here’s a little taster of her amazingness – on a MANDOLIN! Cool upon ice cream of cool. (I don’t have a clue what that means)

So when she released her EP a few days ago – I rushed to buy it and I will tell you lovely lovely people just how much I liked it when it arrives.

You can also buy it here:

Second on my list is Tom Felton. Yes, the very same Tom Felton who is Draco Malfoy. Not only does he look incredibly different on his website : but he writes music.

His new album “In Good Hands” is out now and is available here along with YouTube videos of his coolness :

Thirdly is Lalouba Jane. She started randomly following me on Twitter (I don’t blame her, I am awesome after all) and so I followed her back and talked to her a bit – she’s quite funny. Then I noticed her link to this site: and almost died with joy when I heard her music.

Her album/EP should be out any time soon – just as soon as she gets the artwork done. I can’t wait.

Thanks for stopping by – have a nice life.

P.S.V (Post Script Video)
I have decided to shove one of these in after every post. Hope you enjoy!

This time, we see someone who doesn’t make my list of good musicians…


One thought on “Music Monday 20th July 2009

  1. I lolled at that. That is all Mariah Carey's fault for not singing clearly. It is very important to put effort into the clarity of words

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