Pre Frog Blog

I have decided, whether you like it or not, to do a regular blog during my year in France. I call it a year – it’s not – that’s just me being pretentiously melodramatic.

It’s seven months in case you were wondering.

Said blog will be called a Frog for obvious reasons. However, I am well aware that a number of my readers may not see these reasons (bless their sub-cent-IQs) and so to furnish such peons with the knowledge that will get them precisely nowhere in life, I will elaborate below:

Reason number 1: Frogs are cool.

Reason number 2: So is the internet.

Reason number 3: I have nothing to do.

Reason number 4: Every self respecting person has a blog these days. (Yes, I am insinuating that if you don’t have one you’re not self respecting) and so I thought that I’d have something a little different. After all, how many people can say that they’ve written a frog? Even if the answer to that question is higher than I suppose it to be, how many people can say that they invented the Frog apart from myself and God?

Reason number 5: You love me.

Reason number 6: I love me too.

Reason number 7: I love you loving me.

Reason number 8: You love me loving you loving me.

Reason number 9: With such an abundance of love in the air, I have decided to create a frog. Out of words in my head.

Reason number 10: It’s a friggin’ cross between the words France and Blog dumbass.

The Frog will be a collection of musings, recordings of my adventures in the classroom and the no doubt crazy Italian and rather humourless German with whom I will be living, the occasional question, and possibly a rant or two.

Feel free to drop into my head and rummage around for some inspiration when I am gone. Please do this through the provided semi-amphibious medium I have just been talking about and not with a scalpel.


Just Andy

P.S. Tom and Lily – if you’re reading this, I hope you appreciate the previous line.


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