Andy Is A Technophile

Greetings citizens, denizens and general hangers on.

I would love to let you know that I am now the proud owner of a Mac Book pro, the new iPhone, £25,000,000 and a bright blue Lamborghini. I can’t.

I hope you will be able to settle for the fact that I have decided (again, whether you like it or not) to deliver my Frog (for those of you who are new here, that’s a blog written whilst in France) through the marvellous medium of

This just means that in addition to me posting the Frog before your squinty little eyes on Facebook, I will be posting the link to it all on It’s quite simple really. I write something spectacular, post it in two locations on the internet, thereby doubly blessing humankind.

My blogspot can be found at (as if you didn’t know – you’re already here)

and may indeed feature interesting extras. As if you cared.

If you feel the burning urge to comment – then please do. If you don’t feel the burning urge, I feel obliged to ask you why. If you look at blogs and frogs as a mere conversation but typed – then it seems oh so very logical (not to mention polite) to reply, retort and repent. Feel free to do one or all of the previous actions.

At this moment in time, precisely 37% of my readers now think that I am a needy nerd who just wants to have people see how good he thinks he is, laugh at his weak attempts at humour and casual references to the under appreciated art of eugenics for the mentally sub-par, and to praise him so that he can feel better about his current lack of home conversation. May I please reassure the remaining 63% that this is in fact, correct. Now go cry about it.

As ever, have a nice life.

Just Andy


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